Saturday, 7 March 2015

Pink Foam - A Terrain builders dream

A few weeks back when I started my Volcano project I headed down to my local DIY store on the hunt for big slabs of pink foam.

Pink Foam is a terrain builders dream it is significantly more robust than the white jablite and much cheaper than the blue equivalent.

Alas B&Q, Wickes and Homebase have all stopped selling the product electing to stock a rather cheaper and less robust product. This is a bit of a nightmare.

I asked around on the Lead Adventure Forum if anybody knew of any stockists. One kind fellow stated they had spotted some in the clearance section of a Wickes store in Andover.

A thought occurred to me...could I check the local Wickes branches and see if any of them have the product in stock?

Fortunately the Wickes website has a search function and to my delight they showed the stockholding of Pink Foam in all their branches. There were some boards available in Guildford !!

Link below for those who are interested...

Most branches have now sold out but there are a few if you look through the listing. Just add your post code to the search criteria and it will show the branches in nearest order.

I pre-ordered using their click & collect service and last weekend I hopped down the A3 and into the branch. Picking up six of these wondrous items. Hopefully this will be enough for my needs over the coming years.

The product is listed as Knauf Space Board Eco Insulation60 x 500 x 1200mm if you need a thorough description. Each board cost £5.49 including VAT.

Happy hunting


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  2. I'm always on the look out for terrain building ideas. I did a search for Knauf Space Board Eco Insulation and it brought up an Australian site for Knauf. I started to get excited, but then saw their major product here is Earth wool (which, by the way is what I have in the roof of my studio.

    I did a search on their site for pink foam but it came back zero. In looking over their site they did have something called Climafoam XPS Board - while not pink (more of a mustard colour), it might be similar (hope). Price seems similar. They also have something called Multi Use Foam Board, but that is POA.

    My next challenge is to find a local stockist.

  3. it's become an almost mythical material! How would you cut it?

  4. Yeah it's become almost non-existant over in Ireland. All they have these days is expanded polystyrene sheets. The tougher styrofoam type material has vanished from stores. The only wicked stood in the country closed and 3 years ago!

  5. I grabbed a couple from Wickes when it came back in stock last year. Pretty sure I paid twice that for each sheet. Not use them yet, hope I'll have enough for my needs if it's vanishing again.

  6. I often find myself on building sites as part of work so keep an eye out for the yellow insulation foam. There's usually off cuts lying about


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