Monday, 16 March 2015

VBCW - The Posties Mechanised Unit - part 2

Hi Folks

Who would have thought my recent brief post on the Posties mechanised unit would solicit so much interest?

Part 1 of this project can be found here for those of you interested...

So over the weekend I put paint to lead and have decided to strengthen the unit with some more purchases.

I decided it needed some extra firepower in the form of Machine guns, some artillery support and some indirect mortar weapons.

Wanting to keep with the BEF themed uniforms for my posties I purchased a number of blisters from Renegade miniatures. When they arrive I'll be sure to post pictures of them before and after painting.

I also found an old despatch rider in a box of spares so he has been added to the unit.

I was bold...I painted the tanks and vehicles red...I have to say that it was difficult at first and went against all my sentiments to do so but in the end I am happy that I took this step. The following are just work in progress and need a lot more work.

Motocyclist added - still work in progress...

The vehicles have been given a base of GW Khorne Red and I'll then be giving them a top coat of Flat Pillar Box Red. Please note that these are very much work in progress

All the vehicles will then be given the Post Office George Rex gold signature..

The gun barrels on the tank were made using the ink tube from an old bic biro.

The figures were a joy to paint and very quick - a Saturday evening session - nowt on the telly and I had to collect my daughter from a party at midnight.

Just need to sort the basing on these but they are nearly good to go..

Finally I need a flag banner for this unit - I'll source the carrier from something in my spares box but in the meantime this trades union flag should do the business

This has been cut from a photo found on the internet. If lucky I might find a better one.

Until next time


  1. Interesting as ever, Mr Shed.

  2. Awesome idea, I love the Postie's, need to make sure they have satchel charges and some type of machine gun turret that looks like a postal box.
    BTW, I started a Egyptian based series of Pulp/other terrain/figures because of you and your great terrain. Some day when I actually can get to work on the terrain I will post a link, but just know you are inspiring across the pond. Scott...

    1. Hi Scott

      Delighted to hear that I have inspired - please do send me a link sometime - feel free to ask any questions. Just PM me on the Lead Adventure Forum

  3. Eric - the union they'd have been in back then was the Union of Post Office Workers. Goggle Images should pull up some sources for banners, or the CWU may have something in their archives

    1. Cheers Tamsin - I'll see what I can find...

  4. Great themed unit!! Should put the scares into the BUFers and Royalists when those red beasts come rampaging down the road.


  5. They need a black and white cat as a mascot...

  6. Brilliant idea - it's turning out really well! And of course, the red vehicles will go faster, of course! ;-)