Friday, 21 March 2014

Zulu - Back on the Big Screen

Yesterday I celebrated my 49th Birthday – can’t believe I am almost half way to a century!

I am however chuffed to bits with one particular present I received last night from my wife. What is this I hear you cry?

She is well aware that my favourite movie ever is Zulu, I recall fondly the very first time I saw this movie in the cinema with my father and brother in the early seventies and since then I have never been able to see the movie again on the big screen but that is all about to change. On the 10th June at Leicester square will be a 50th anniversary screening of this Iconic movie in aid of the charity of walking with the wounded.

I am the proud possessor of two silver tickets. After much soul searching and a load of pleas from my teenage son (he is equally keen on seeing this) I have decided that its only right that I take my old man – not wishing to sound morbid but rather a celebration, I figured it is probably the last chance either he or I will ever get to watch this on the big screen together.

Not to sure if tickets are still available but they can be sourced from here.

Who knows maybe Michael Caine might make an appearance !



  1. Superb present! You forget how much good films are diminished when only seen on the small screen. This is why I can't understand people who watch films on iPads or smaller!

    1. Can't wait - are you going to this bash in Guildford tomorrow might be a chance to say hello properly?

    2. Forgotten about it but as it's only twenty minutes away why not/. What time will you be there?

    3. Ill be there around 10.30 for an hour or so - as a special treat Ill be wearing the new Shed Wars Base Ball cap

    4. Perfect timing for me too. I will be wearing a blue Toronto Argonauts sweatshirt!

  2. It's Prince Harry's charity