Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Bridge to Farncombe

A Bridge to Farncombe

The BUF is steadily making advances south down the Old Portsmouth road – its strategy is two fold.

Firstly it wants to sever the supply links from the Anglican leagues heartland in the East and their forces in the west, and secondly, it wants to try to wrestle control of Portsmouth from the Communists. By spitting the  Anglican leagues forces in two it aims to deliver the knock out blow and force the renegades to the negotiating table. Pivotal in this plan are the southern rail links, specifically the London Portsmouth line.

The Village and river crossings at Farncombe  (looking from BUF point of attack)

The top half of a PMC medieval building - makes a nice bungalow - bunker to the right

The bridge across the river Wey
Down towards the crossroads

Our scenario takes place in near the village of Farncombe, near Godalming surrey. The Village lies aside the river Wey and two key bridges cross at this point.

The BUF mission is simple  - take the bridges and secure a bridgehead on the South side of the river. The BUF can expect some stiff resistance from local Anglican League volunteers troops.

The BUF forces have pushed forward in some strength along the Northern Road in tow columns.. Last night the commander on the ground sent a flanking force to the East. These are expected to join the battle at some point in time to the East on the other side of the river.
Looking from the North East
The river crossings

Leading your line are elements of the Mosley Armoured Brigade – two light tankettes and an old antiquated tank called Big Boris – it is apparent that Boris is not going to be able to cross the bridge nor can he scale the rail embankment. He is merely there for fire support.

Supporting the armour are 3 six men squads (regular troops) – two of these are supported with Light Machine Guns

A further command unit under the leadership of Captain Percy Winterbottom are available.  This Command group consists of Captain Winterbottom, his banner bearer, a medic (nurse Chapel), and an HMG

Two further six men sections under the command of Lieutenant Parker will arrive on the Eastern road from turn 3  (roll d6 – on a 5-6 they appear at beginning of turn – add+1 to die roll thereafter.)

All the Infantry squads have their own vehicles

A total of 47 men, two tankettes and a tank – 10 units

The crossroads - scene of the fiercest fighting

My embankments finally make it onto the table

The Anglican Forces opposing the BUF have for sometime expected the BUF to attack Farncombe and have made ready the defence of the bridges.

In defence the Anglican League can call upon the following

An advanced party of  scouts in the small hamlet of on the Northside of the bridge – 1 rifle squads + hmg, a Rolls Royce armoured car – under the command of Reverend Peters

On the Southside under the command of the Bishop of Godalming

4 rifle squads (two with LMGs)

1 HMG & Mortar + Bishop (all sited in the command bunker)

A tank Reinforcements arriving from the Village Road from turn 1 (6+)
A total of 37 men, 1 armoured car and a tank

The village of Farncombe - the Leagues tank winds through the narrow streets

Anglican troops climb up on the embankment

The Anglican armoured car pushes forward to support the troops on the North side of the river

The HMG and Mortar open up on the advancing BUF forces in the North East
The second BUF party advance on the North East road

The Anglican HMG claims the first casualty

The Anglican defensive line
The BUF dismount from their vehicles and begin the assault on the bunker

Big Bertha trundles forward
A firefight breaks out on the embankment

The League forces take up defensive positions on the far side of the bank - their tank rumbles forward

The BUF pour fire into the Bunker

The Anglican Tank squeezes across the bridge

The BUF in the East unleash a torrent of lead onto the soldiers hiding on the embankment

A vicious fire fight erupts in the road tunnel - the BUF victors
The Anglican forces panic - FUBAR and open up on their own men

The BUF seize the initiative in the East pinning an HMG on the embankment
With the Leagues Infantry disposed of the BUF swarm forward
The mortar opens up on Big Bertha - lucky shot knocks out the tank (2 sixes in a row)

As Big Bertha smokes away...The BUF vainly try to storm the Anglican tank
The BUF forces skulking in the woods move forward - they are spotted by the mortar and an entire squad is virtually wiped out
At this point it became obvious that the BUF were never going to get across the road bridge - the railline crossing was in their hands but the Tank on the roadbridge was virtually impervious to fire.
A draw was called.
Great game, fought in good spirits...onto the next game


  1. WOW! This table is really amazing, love the beautiful terrain! Very nice report...

    1. Cheers phil
      It was great fun building it all

  2. Excellent account and pics!

  3. Just gorgeous! I read an article once that asked why most wargames terrain looks like Surrey. Of course, if you have a game set in Surrey... Did you dice to see if the bridge collapsed under the weight of the tank?

    1. Thank you legatus
      Must invite you over some time

  4. Indeed it is a great table. It's been a while since I haven't played a game on such a nice setting.



  5. I've never seen Farncombe looking so nice. Great board Giles and hopefully I will find myself down South to give it a try out.

    James (exiled in Birmingham)