Monday, 29 June 2015

Building the Docks - part 3 - Some Warehouses

In my second post of this project I talked about the modification of the lighthouse for my docks and whilst I was finishing this the first of my warehouses arrived...I decided at this point I would complete all the construction before the pieces got a coat of paint.

If you want to start reading this project from the beginning head here

The buildings shown below were sourced from a guy called Troll Trader on ebay...I bought two buildings - the boat house

and the extended warehouse

Construction was easy using pva glue and some masking tape.

The base buildings can be seen in the picture below. The warehouse actually comes in two parts which I decided to glue together and base these on a thin sheet of ply.

These make great buildings for the water frontage. I should also add that they come with a vast number of crates ....I'll feature these in another post.

I am not particularly keen on the mdf finish so these were modified. First up I ran a low brick wall around the base of both buildings using thin blue foam.

Window edges were then added using the same blue foam. This time I left it plain .

The walls were then coated in pva and given a covering of sand. The warehouse walls are going to be rendered.

The roofs were also given the sand treatment not before I added some wooden battens and covered the windows with masking tape. These will be given a black paint job to look like roof felt.

Just need to add paint...

As these were being finished off the next parcel arrived...this time it was a warehouse model sold by Warbases

It was quite a plain building so I decided to clad this in timber (using coffee stirrers). Whilst researching this project I noticed that a large number of waterfront buildings are indeed timber buildings.

Again cladding was very simple - pva glue. It was also a great workout for my chopper !

The windows have been covered up...

This one will eventually have a corrugated roof.

So the waterfront grows...

As I am writing this the last of the buildings has arrived...the factory and outbuildings from Sarissa. These will feature in my next post.

Until next time

Part 4 can now be found here


  1. Everything you do to this board improves it!

  2. This is all sorts of fantastic!

  3. Good finds, I like TrollTrader

    1. I'll second that. I've bought a pile of stuff from him and never been disappointed.

  4. Another great project, Eric. I know that the plan is for Pulp and VBCW, but I keep expecting the Tong of the Black Scorpion to appear from the fog, swiftly followed by a curly haired man in a deerstalker who's just come out of a distinctive blue box. Would be good for Golden Age superheroes and any kind of Victorian gaming, from Gothic to Steampunk.

  5. Fantastic... I can see Tintin and his little white dog around the corner of that big warehouse... =)

  6. Looking good Eric. A massive improvement over the original plain look.

  7. Thanks for sharing I am looking for some warehouses so keen to see how the develop

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