Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Monks in Flight - A Lion Rampant AAR

Hi Folks

Last night was quite possibly one of the most fun games I have played in the shed for a long time. All credit to my fellow gamers...the infamous Legatus of Legatus Wargames fame and Alastair of a wargaming gallimaufry.

Both these guys will almost certainly have posts up on their excellent blogs so do check them out.

It was only when putting together this post I realised that all three of us run wargames blogs (yes I know Legatus runs several blogs some of which ask you if you are 18+ ).

So here is the thought for the day...what do you call a group of bloggers in a shed...I'll try and think of an answer by the end of the post.

So back to last nights proceedings. It was a game set in the Kingdom of Jerusalem at the time of the Crusades using the Lion Rampant rules.

The Table (west to east)

The table (east to west)

The Background.

Over the last few weeks a group of rather fanatical monks have been stoking up the anti Islamic sentiment in an area near one of the local Crusader castles under the Jurisdiction of Sir Guillarme Vin A Grett. Despite being told not stir the religious pot of hatred they continued their sermons unabated.

This clearly caused offence to the local Saracen Warlords - El Salsa Cele Ray and Sultana Ray Sun who have decided that these monks must be sent to their maker forthwith. Realising that the death of a dozen Monks in his lands to the infidels might prove problematic with his future church relationships Sir Guillarme decides to get them off his land pronto.

He has arranged a boat to pick them up outside the fishing village of El Del Bay and has provided a sizeable escort to ensure their departure.

The boat awaiting the monks in the bay...yes I know its a longboat but I have NOT built a Cog yet

Objective: The Crusades must escort the monks to the seashore. Provided at least one monk reaches the boat the Crusaders win.

The Saracens must kill all the monks  - however killing them with missile fire is not appropriate. Their blood must be spilled on the sand with a sharp blade.

Some apologies....

1. The photos appear quite dark. I am experimenting with a new lens ring flash which does not appear to have worked.
2. The Crusaders bases are all covered in static grass - these are from my Robin Hood Games as the planned Crusader Army is still being planned.
3. The infantry are all on movement trays - these need to be painted and although unsightly greatly speed up play

The Forces

For a Lion Rampant Game we had a lot of troops on the table - please don't ask the points value as I did not work it out. War is never fair !


1 x Mounted Men at Arms
2 x Mounted Seargeants
1 x Turcopoles (mounted Yeoman Mercenaries)
1 x Crossbows
1 x Bidowers with Bows
3 x Foot Infantry - Yeoman
1 x Serfs (Monks)


1 x Mounted Seargeants with Bows
4 x Mounted Yeoman with Bows
1 x Archers
4 x Yeoman Infantry

House Rules

The following is contentious but we dropped the failed activation rule - ie if a unit fails its activation the rest of the force must forfeit their turn. We don't like this as it slows down the game.

The monks would activate with a +1 to move and could move 8 inches per turn

The Report

The Crusader convoy started to march up the board towards the fishing village. The Monks firmly protected in the middle.

Saracens watch from the cliffs in the distance...

As the convoy advances failed activations cause the vanguard to break from the main body...spear armed yeoman advance towards the Oasis

The Saracen horns sound the charge and the Horse advance to within bowshot range...

At the front of the line the heavy Crusader Horse rush towards the village

Their advance checked by the Saracens riding out to meet them...

Back in the rear the Crusaders ready themselves for the Saracen onslaught...

Battle commences at the rear of the line - archery and skirmish orders ruling the day

The heavy bolts of the Christian Crossbows soon decimate the Saracen Infantry

To block the advance the Saracens position their heavy cavalry across the village road flanked by their light infantry and archers

Light Saracen horse begin to harry the advancing knights (with not much affect)

More mounted missile troops enter the fray

The rear attacks are starting to cause casualties on both sides

The Crusaders horse charge towards the village and cut down by a host of arrows

Infantry support advances

Driving off the light Saracen horse...

The heavies of both sides clash with the mailed Europeans taking the upper hand

The Monks (top right) continue their march towards the sea protected by cohorts of infantry

An Archery duel opens up between the Saracen bows and the Crusader skirmishers - numbers count and the bidowers bite the desert dust

More Christian Horse pile into the dusty village

The remants of the Saracen army hide behind the village walls hoping to drive back the invaders

With foot support in abundance the Crusaders quickly force back the Saracens

A last Saracen unit is all that stands between the Monks and their flight...alas they fall to the mailed fist of the Crusaders

The Monks (and Nuns) reach safety...

All great fun !!

At the beginning of this post I asked the question 'what do you call a group of bloggers...?'

Shedson's response was ....SAD !!

My response to that was ...get on with you homework !

The best I can think of is a Roll of Bloggers...

Until next time... 


  1. Wonderful figures, terrain and battle report! Lucky to have such fine gaming comrades-in-arms!

  2. Just discovered this post (and blog) thanks to Legatus H. Brilliant looking game and figures, I am quite in awe, sir. Makes me want to try LR rules with my own medieval figs, or maybe as a crossover set of rules for all my GW LOTR stuff.

    1. Hi Michael thanks for your comments. Interesting you say that about Lion Rampant and GW this space as we will be using the rules for this genre very soon...

  3. Eric,

    Great looking battle. Thanks,


  4. That looks like a lot of fun.

  5. Great looking game Eric, well done, beautiful figures and terrain...

  6. Well up to the usual standard, Mr Shed! Nice to see the figures in action across the terrain so recently built. As to the collective term: a Shedload of Bloggers? I'll get my coat...

  7. Great looking game - I'll need to give Lion Rampant a closer look

    My son describes miniature gamers as a "Nerd Herd" - this from the kid who studies robotics and statistics in college

  8. Superb write up, thank you! It's really nice to read about you having fun right at the start, too many people seem to forget this is all about having a laugh and painting some models! I also really liked that you didn't bother too much about points and played with what you had... And some fine models are on display too!

    Nothing contentious so far as I'm concerned when it comes to your house rule: if that plays well for you, go for it. I liked the break up of play that the turnover brings, but ignore the bits you don't enjoy.

    The one thing I would ask, however, is that every time anyone - anywhere - introduces a house rule, they should buy another copy of rule book to prove their devotion to my games :-)

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  9. Nice report. That table looks fabulous and so do all the figures as well. Top job.

  10. I think I agree with Shedson's description! :). Many thanks for an excellent game.