Wednesday, 17 June 2015

28mm Pulp Figures

Hi Folks

Sometime earlier this year I travelled over to the Wargames show in Hamburg and amongst my small number of purchases were a number of Pulp Figures from Pulp Figures by Bob Murch.

I finally managed to slap some paint on these over the last few weeks and eventually got round to taking some pictures. If you are looking for a range of pulp types you can't go wrong with these - they are all wonderful sculpts and have a great deal of character.

Even my poor painting seems to have done them some justice...

There is a mix of packs in here from Merchant Seamen, Adventurers, Thugs and the Mobsters

The jungle background was all I had to hand when I took these photos...which incidentally is the first time I used a tripod and a remote control to take the pictures. This also makes a big difference to the clarity of the shots...

Until next time


  1. Lovely collection of Pulp Figures!

  2. Great looking figures, perfect for new adventures!

  3. I agree that Bob Murch's figures are great. Also I would like to state that your painting is certainly superior to mine . . . however, for anyone who would like to see some of Bob's other figures, see this post of some from my collection:

    I will note that two or three of the "gangster" types are not Mr. Murch's figures but (I think) old RAFM sculpts. Also weapons came with a number of the Oriental figures but I kind of preferred an open-hand Kung Fu look so did not use them.

    -- Jeff

    1. All 4 gangsters are from Bob's "These Guns For Hire" pack:

      Of course, they may originally have been sculpted for RAFM

  4. As I look at these I can hear the theatrical music playing in my head!

  5. You've done a cracker-jack job on these figures!


  6. I nice bunch of lead. ;-)
    Well done!

  7. Those are splendid! I can sense some dinosaurs!

  8. Excellent brushwork you've been very productive on the pulp front.

  9. I love Bob Murch stuff. Never fails to impress. You've done them justice sir!

  10. They look fantastic! I'm holding out for Mr Murch's Eastern Native Americans though. I may get some of his pulp, but I really want my ancestors first! ;)

  11. Rumor has it there's an island in the Pacific where the natives worship a giant ape as a god. Any takers?