Friday, 3 July 2015

A Skirmish on the outskirts of Godalming

Despite the fact that we have been playing games on a regular basis over the last few weeks the posting of reports has been somewhat poor. Just seem to have run out of time !!

So what you are going to read and see hear is from a game played in the shed almost two weeks ago.

The scene is leafy Surrey in the 1930's so it just has to be A Very British Civil War.

Over the last few months the League has been pushing against the Fascist Government forces positioned in around Godalming. An advance in the area is in the planning stage but the Supreme Council of the Church of England wants to test the Fascist forces in the area, get a better understanding of troop quality, defences and dispositions. The table set reflects just a small part of the Fascist line.

The intention is to run a series of games in the coming months reflecting the Leagues push and the reactions of the Fascist defenders. As we progress troops will become blooded and gain experience (or lose heart).

The game was fought up the table with the League forces entering the fray from the bottom of the lower picture.

The League (divided into two forces) contained
4 pieces or armour (inc one armoured car)
2 medium mortars
14 x Six men rifle squads
2 command units

The defenders were outnumbered 2 to 1

They had available
2 Tanks
1 MG armed Armored Car
1 positioned LT AT Gun
2 HMGS (in Pill boxes)
8 - six men rifle squads (two of which were off table)
2 command units

There were four players (2 on each side) - I played the hidden BUF with John.
Mark & Steve were our League opposition

The South side of Godalming (outskirts of the town in the distance)

The Fascist forces are predominantly deployed (hidden) a;long the outskirts of the town with some forward elements.

The natural barrier of the railway embankment was the furthest the Facist forces were deployed...anti vehicle mines were deployed along the dirt track connecting the two North south roads

The League forces cautiously advanced over the main bridge fearing an attack right at their end of the table. They need not have worried but is always fun to watch players nervously advancing their troops.

However a unit of Fascist soon broke cover and scaled the embankment. Followed swiftly by a unit opening up fire from the woods.

As a defender you need the opposition to hunker down but with a clear superiority of numbers and armour support the lead fascist elements got a very bloody nose

A firefight erupted in the woods - troops from both sides taking heavy casualties

With the lead elements of the BUF taken out the vLeague pushed on over and under the embankment.
A unit of League infantry stumbled into the Orchard and discovered the hidden Panzer 1. Its Machineguns routing them off the table. Sadly with its position given away a lead tank of the league drove through the tunnel and....

needing a six to hit scored with its first shot, a second six brewed up the German tank.

Things were getting desparate for the defenders - half their armour taken out and the League pushing up both sides of the table.

The left hand league flank cautiously pushed forward triggering the BUF AT Gun into action...this continuously missed despite a multiple number of targets. Sadly fixed guns in the open are a mortars bread and butter and within two turns this was also out of commission.

With the only significant threat to the advancing League forces out of the way they pushed forward through to the fields bisected by the dirt track.

The first League tank to arrive had its tracks blown off by the mines, small cheer for the BUF as their infantry were now in full flight to the edge of town. In the brief skirmish in the hedgerows the BUF were outnumbered and outgunned.

More League forces poured through from the rear to support the advance. Steve and Mark were playing a canny game they used the numerical supremacy to isolate defending units and then bring their full firepower to bear.

The final BUF Panzer rolled into action but its adventures were short lived at the attackers made full use of smoke to protect their lead can see the PZ 1 on the bottom left of the picky.

The smoke cover allowed the league to advance right up to the second set of bridges and overrun the first pill box.

The League had accomplished their objectives - identified the defenders, got to the second crossing and within the timescale of the game.

All great fun...unless of course you were on the losing side !!

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