Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Biggest Painting Job of the Year

Hi Folks

Things have been rather busy over the last few days so not much to report on the wargaming front - we did manage a game of lion rampant last night which will hopefully get posted later in the week.

With the Sun out over the weekend Mrs Shed had me working in the garden and one of the jobs on my list was the biggest paint job of the year. To treat all the the sheds with a new coat of paint !

As I am sure all those of you who have timber buildings will appreciate these structures need looking after if you are going to prolong their lives. My gaming shed is no exception and considering the investment its worth a few coats every copy of years.

I decided that the old brown was just a bit boring so I decided to paint the whole thing green !

Of course you need the before and after shots....

And in its new green livery

I am toying with idea of giving the whole thing a camouflage finish...

Not too sure how Mrs Shed will appreciate that...

Until next time


  1. That must have taken a few hours. Did you paint down the side by the fence as well ;-)

    1. All four sides got two coats...painting this and two of the other garden shed took all day. Mind you I was using a big brush not a hobby brush !

  2. Disappointed by the lack of shading and drybrushing!

  3. So, you've decided to take a foray into 1:1 scale terrain painting. Just be careful not to make too good a job of it or you might be asked to do some 1:1 interiors :)

  4. That looks great! ...and I'll refrain from the modeling jokes as I've already been beaten to the punch :) Though I do wish there was a "like" button for the above comments

  5. Looks suspiciously like The Battleshed now (http://macrminiadventures.blogspot.co.uk/). Enjoying your blog!

  6. Much more military looking. I admit to getting the Old Bat to do all large scale painting as she is much better at it than I am!

  7. That's smartened it up no d out about it! Now, a little strong tone varnish I think...

  8. Why not something like WWI dazzle pattern to help it blend into the background?

  9. I have some German sand and red brown , I reckon you could make it look like a Tiger tank .

  10. I'm not sure if this is meta or post-modern.