Tuesday 1 July 2014

Roadsigns for Little England

Over the last few months I have been scouring the internet for all sorts of treasures to place on my Very English Battlefield. Rather than talk about them in advance on the blog and subsequently drive up interests and potential competition on ebay I have held fire until I have made the necessary purchases. In this post Ill cover off a few items which will no doubt add another layer of interest to the gaming table.

A few months ago I read an interesting article on the VBCF (Very British Civil Forum) about roadsigns. That same day I was visiting a toy fair and found that Corgi & Gilco had produced metal versions of what I was looking for. At the toy fair the vendors were asking for anything upwards of £5-6 per piece. This was too steep for me.

On returning home I trawled ebay and threw in a few bids on some items – to my surprise I won a number of these and as a result I seem to have accumulated a rather large collection of roadsigns.


I know that these are the right shape as a quick bit of research revealed that the Road Traffic Act of 1934 (perfect timing) standardised roadsigns in the UK with the coding of triangles, warning signs etc.
I sorted the signs into two piles – those I wanted to keep and those that will be sold. I will initially advertised these on the Lead Adventure forum.


These signs due to their old age already look weathered but the basing needs some attention. So these have been stuck down on washers and given some ground cover. I have kept a few back from this treatment for town locations.
The following photos give some flavour on how they add to the setting

These are the ones up for sale - head here if interested
I am looking for £2.50 per sign - bear in mind these are already based - cheaper than your average mini

The picture below shows the sign in scale with a 28mm mini and lledo truck

I also acquired five shorter signs - these are £2 a pop

This is them next to the same mini

Finally I have a couple of politia beacons and traffic lights for sale (£1.50 each)

Until next time....


  1. Great finds and a damn sight better than scratch building them and they do define the countryside as "British" Belisha beacons are a very rare commodity on the streets these days (I know of only one pair in our area.)

  2. Good searching and a very nice finish on them.

  3. Its the details like this that really makes a layout. Have to watch out for communists removing low bridge signs and such like, though!

  4. Good finds there Mr Shed!