Tuesday 15 July 2014

Explosions - Nice and Easy

For sometime now I have been keen to build some explosion markers. The following tutorial is nothing new but might help people to build their own.

The cost for 12 of these I reckon comes out less than a tenner and they look great.

These started off life as a tealight, you can pick up a dozen of these flashing battery power ones up on ebay for less than £3


Next up I had some old polyester cushion filler I was using as smoke in my games. These were cut into rectangles with one side the circumference of the tea light. Mine stand about 12 cm tall.

These were glued using an all purpose glue - messy job so recommend you war latex gloves.

Leave overnight to dry. Once dry tease out the filler into a plume shape. This is very easy.

Take a good old black spray and....spray. Once dry (can take some time)...spray again.

Pull out battery tab and bobs your uncle...

Here you can see my finished effort sitting on top of a Sherman tank (solido version)

Total time to build (excluding drying time) about an hour.


  1. Utter genius! Those look brilliant! Are they one shot jobs or can you switch them off and use them again?

    1. No they flicker making it all the more realistic...

      Hope to catch up soon..post Tour de France

    2. Great! Only about ten days left!

  2. I've just shown the Old Bat and she thinks that is really excellent. "Very creative" She is impressed!

  3. WOW I would never have thought of that & they are just what I need as I was pondering flame/explosion markers for the Alls Quiet on the Martian Front. Thanks for the idea....this is why blogs are so great, it spreads the word

  4. Brilliant! I've wanted to make these for ages but never got to it.
    I've stuck a referral post at my own blog here:

  5. Very effective markers. Like 'em.

  6. Nice, I'll trying this out for sure...

  7. This is a great idea! I'm going to try this. Lights on the gaming board seems to be all the rage these days!