Friday 11 July 2014

Egyptian Adventures - The temple build part 1

So this afternoon I put down the gardening tools and started in earnest on my Egyptian Adventures Project. I decided to build an Egyptian temple fronted with a pylon tower.

This is very much work in progress but for an afternoons work I am quite happy...

As you can see I still need the roofs - I ran out of foam core.

The whole building is going to be clad in a blue foam skin. This way I can etch on the detail of the stone work and if I am lucky the heiro glyphs. Ideally I am looking for a stamp with heoroglyphs on so I could use this for indenting the surface.

The resin statue in the middle was a cheap buy on ebay  its very heavy !

We are off to Northampton shire this weekend for a family bash so no more progress over the weekend...

 off for a cold beer

part 2 can be found here


  1. Very nice - what type of pins are they ? Giving me an idea for my latest project. Better get researching.
    Cheers Dan

    1. They are just dress making pins...nothing special

    2. Thanks for that - I'll get the wife on the case.
      Really impressive -thanks for sharing

  2. Forgive me if you behave already looked at Hirst Arts they might have something that you could use. Also look at the message board there with the Egyptian tag, some pretty amazing stuff done with those molds.