Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A few Photos from the last couple of games

Hi Folks

Its been a week since my last post - I must be slacking - ;-)

Actually I have started an eight week period of gardening leave and believe it or not I have been ....gardening!

So very little has been accomplished on the painting and terrain builds. I have however had a couple of cracking VBCW games with my good mate Mark and although there are no battle reports to publish (just didn't want to type..) I thought a few pretty pictures might be of interest.

However before I kick off I would like to share with you my latest ebay finds - a couple of French WW2 tanks each bought for less than a tenner. They are the Solido diecast toys but work very well with 28mm

Onto the games - the first game sees a lot of toys on the table top...the church, the bridge, the railway embankment etc - I just got too engrossed to take any action photos.

Rather pleased with the way the road signs have added to the flavour

I repainted the old Jarvis ruins to blend in with all the other buildings 

The second set of photos saw the action take place in a more upland and rural setting (notice change in backdrop). In this you get to see some of my poorly painted figures. Yes I know they are shiny.

Not such a good place to park an AT gun...

The school house (a dolls house) is now complete - see centre of picture

The station now has some benches courtesy of an o gauge Chinese supplier...

And finally an aircraft swooping over the battlefield.

We have a big all day & night game coming up soon so more action news to follow

Until next time


  1. England in miniature, cracking stuff.

  2. Now all you need is some 28mm Tripods.... :-)

  3. Very lovely tablescapes and redolent of the period. Many internet points to you!

  4. Great stuff, very evocative of 1930's England.

  5. Great photo-montage of Little Britain; the pics with your background board look very "picture postcard" like.

  6. Lovely looking table Eric. Those buildings have worked out really well.

  7. Such a superb looking table!

  8. Amazing and beautiful and functional battleground, sir!

  9. Lovely work. You've crafted a wonderful world in miniature.

  10. That table has' the look' there's no doubt. Enjoyed looking at the pictures as usual too!

  11. Thats a fantastic looking table, I always stuggle to get the willpower to do terrain thanks for the inspiration

  12. A very colorful and fantastic job!!! I am finally gaming again and no more projects...for at least a few days.