Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Building the Docks - part 4 - An Industrial Complex

The previous thread to this build can be found here...
When I left you last I mentioned that I had ordered a number of buildings from Sarissa Precision, although not strictly Waterfront in nature, these industrial buildings will create even greater diversity on the table.
I ordered their factory, the factory workshop/office and power station. As to be expected the quality of all these mdf buildings is excellent  but again I felt that they looked a little bit one dimensional and needed tarting up.

All three buildings were given the same lower brickwork finish using blue foam and the two smaller buildings got given a rendered finish. In addition I added a window ledge using coffee stirrers chopped to the right length.

Rather cleverly the window frames of these buildings come separately on card that you glue to the inside of the completed structure. These were punched out from the card frame and then sprayed matt black on both sides. Once the exterior of the buildings ae all finished these will be fixed inside.

The following photos show the work that these buildings have been undergoing...

The first construct of the factory - being held together with masking tape

The glue has dried...

The office block and power house

A surrounding wall from warsbases will complete the scene

Top & Below: Sand render added, lower brick wall added and window ledges

The factory roof primed black - this will get distressed and I am adding the opaque plastic shown as glazing
The insides...doors and windows sprayed black. These will be glued in place once the buildings are finished
The first coat of paint goes on...plus I have put the sides in so you can see what the final finish might look like
The factory complex starting to take shape - note that the factory is not rendered but has a brick pattern ruinning around the walls halfway up. The building will be two toned in colour. Red is probably not the final colour.

The docks starting to come to life...first colours added to warehouses

Now most of the construction is finished I can turn my attention to the painting. Nothing special here – just going to use greys, browns, blacks and whites to create the rather dour dockland landscape. In time I’ll add some more colourful signage and adverts on the buildings.
Finally...those warehouses I bought also came with a number of useful crates. These obviously need painting but very useful indeed.
Until next time

part 5 can be found here



  1. It's looking better and better, definitely a killer table. I like the small changes you made to the buildings, it really makes a big difference.

  2. Just sensational building and modelling, truly inspirational.

  3. That is going to be a cracking table. Spectacular and great for games.

  4. really excellent well done.What way did you make up the render mix-ratio sand to pva etc.Also where did you get the blue foam that looks quick too thanks. Peterl

    1. Thank you
      I coat the building in pva and then sprinkle on the sand.
      The blue foam was bought at 4D models in London - you can find it on ebay - its 2mm thick and comes in large sheets.

  5. Those docks are certainly building up nicely :)

    I'm guessing you didn't think the Sarissa warehouse would fit in with the rest. Probably a good call.

    1. The Sarissa warehouse just looked too 'Victorian' and not really basic enough...

    2. I was actually thinking of the one in the City Block range - forgot there was one in the Gas Lamp Alley range. The City Block one is probably too American in style for this project though.

    3. Had not seen that one Tamsin....will need to go and have a think


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