Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Crusader Army - part 1

Having put together my Saracen army it was only right that the next large force I should consider is the opponents - the Crusaders. Fortunately I already have around 24 Horse and a 100 foot painted for my Robin Hood games so what you see in the next few shots are the balance of the army...another 39 Horse and almost 100 foot.

The Saracen Army build started in December 2014 - so I am hoping I can get this lot done by Xmas

These have all come from the excellent Fire Forge range - still questioning why they never produced an Arab range to go with these guys...

The few metals you see are from Curtey' the one on the right above was a limited edition from Tactica show - his shield not added

These plastics are a delight to build and have so much character. There are three mounted boxes represented here - two from the Mounted Men at arms box set and one from the mounted Crossbow set (no mounted crossbowmen)


In addition there are 96 foot - 24 of these are made up as crossbow men and the remainder are all infantry. Unlike my robin hood forces II have not gone for a uniform look or pose. This means they look far more irregular.

Browns, Greys, Greens and dark reds will be the colours

Final group shot

If you are looking to field an early medieval army at relatively low cost Fire Forge can be your friend - the infantry work out at less than 50p per figure and the horses about £1.50

As I write this my daughter has just turned 17 and so with a car to buy for her to learn to drive in and the additional cost of insurance I think my hobby spending is going to be curtailed for some time

Until next time....


  1. I don't think you started painting the Saracens in December 2015, given that it's only July ;-)

    1. You beat me to it in posting about this typo. . . . But the figures look very nice.

      -- Jeff

    2. Will edit now - thanks Guys

  2. That's going to be a pretty huge collection when it's done :)

  3. Very nice, looking forward to seeing them all done :-)

  4. Very nice looking models. Especially the cavalry. Love the way the cloaks stream out the back to show their movement