Thursday, 16 July 2015

28mm Daleks - The Leader added

Hi Folks

Just a short post today.

Firstly can I thank you all for the wonderful comments you have posted so far on this specific project. Its this sot of feedback that not only does wonders for my ego but also pushes me on to finish these tasks.

So when I left you last some 80 Daleks had been painted and were ready for action.

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Of course what they are missing is the creator of the Daleks - Davros. When I started this project I became aware that Black Tree Design actually produced a Davros figure so this was duly ordered along with a number of discounted WW2 German infantry.


Who is Davros...(source Wikipedia)

Davros is a character from the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Davros is an archenemy of the Doctor and is the creator of the Doctor's deadliest enemies, the Daleks. Davros is a genius who has mastered many areas of science but also a megalomaniac who believes that through his creations he can become the supreme being and ruler of the Universe. Davros was created by screenwriter Terry Nation.
Davros is from the planet Skaro, whose people, the Kaleds, were engaged in a bitter thousand-year war of attrition with their enemies, the Thals. He is horribly scarred and crippled, a condition that various spin-off media attribute to his laboratory being attacked by a Thal shell. He has one functioning hand and one cybernetic eye mounted on his forehead to take the place of his real eyes, which appear to have been fused shut; for much of his existence he depends completely upon a self-designed mobile life-support chair which encloses the lower half of his body. It would become an obvious inspiration for his eventual design of the Dalek. The condition of the lower half of his body is unknown; he is physically incapable of leaving the chair without dying. Davros's voice, like those of the Daleks, is electronically distorted. His manner of speech is generally soft and contemplative, but when angered or excited he is prone to ranting outbursts that resemble the hysterical, staccatissimo speech of the Daleks

When the figure arrived I soon noticed that he was a lot shorter than the army I had created from the plastic toys.  To make matters worse he came on a slotta base. Not too worry a quick conversion was all that was required.

I fixed the metal Davros into a vice and using a hacksaw I cut him in two - at the point where his tray/body meets the chair.

I then took one of my plastic daleks and cut the torso from this.

The two resulting pieces were then fixed together using superglue. I know its a botch job but Davros does at least now look the right height compared to the rest of the army.

Just need to slap some paint on him....

Until next time


  1. Nice! What a great looking force!
    I think you need a couple of special Weapons Daleks though :-)

  2. Looks like a good job you did on the conversion, its hard to get this kind of thing perfect, cant wait to see him painted up. I remember watching Genesis of the Daleks as a kid, it must have been a repeat cos I was born in late 73 and that story is from 75, its still one of the best Doctor storys

  3. Impressive force. What about a VCBW battle? Would BUF have to join forces with the AL to save Walmington-on-Sea? Love to fight that one! Good work.

  4. This is great (the whole force that is) and the leader is a great conclusion to it! Madness in the most positive meaning of the word!

  5. Great work on the conversion and I really love the army!