Tuesday, 21 July 2015

28mm Arabs...with guns & swords

Hi Folks

Now if you have been following this blog over the last 12 months you will know that I have been focussing much of my attention on desert builds and all things araby..

In addition we have started playing a few pulp games and it has become apparent that I needed some boys in arab wear for these terrain sets. So on a prayer and a wing I started buying up some Arab chaps with guns and swords.

The first to arrive were some figures from Northstar - the range of Arabs in the Artisan Irregular range


These included infantry, a couple of camel mounted chappies and six sword swinging horsemen.

The second lot to arrive were some Zanzibars


I also picked up some of Foundry's Sword swinging chaps in Arab gear

The final set were some Tauregs bought from Black Hat Minatures


and here are some photos of these chaps...

In total there are about 45 Infantry, Six Horsemen and Two Camel Riders

More than enough for my Pulp Games and other Colonial Adventures

Whilst painting these I discovered a pack of pulp adventurers I seem to have messed when I painted those - so these were added to the paint pile. These have all been given a uniform of dark blue trousers and grey shirts - imagine they are redcoats without the jackets !

Until next time....


  1. Very nice, sir . . . but now you need to add some fellows wearing a red fez . . . well, don't you?

    -- Jeff

  2. They're great. They have a real traditional style about them. Well done.