Saturday, 18 April 2015

One week to go...

Hi Folks

This time next week, along with 000's of other wargamers will be descending on the excel centre in London for Salute.

To prepare for this event I cleared a load of old stuff out of the shed in the last few weeks and have been quietly selling on ebay. The net result is a sizable slug of cash to invest in new lead, buildings and other paraphernalia - I cant wait.

I gather that there is a bloggers meet in the centre of the hall at 1pm and at 12 noon the food folks from the VBCF are gathering at Dougs Em4 stand. Hopefully I'll get to meet more of my fellow hobbyists.

I will be wearing my BLAM t-shirt emblazoned on the back with Eric the Shed during the day so if you see me please do say hello.

I will of course take lots of pictures.

seven days to go...

Eric the Shed