Friday, 24 April 2015

Pulp Alley - Nazis, Mummies & Heiroglyphs

Hi Folks

Can't believe its been almost a week since my last post and I have been slack - we played agame of pulp alley on Monday and this is the first time I have got round to writing up the report.

Too much work and other real life things getting in the way !

I was joined by both Mark, Steve and Legatus we played a four way multiplayer game. I had been able to set up the table over the weekend and prepare the leagues that would battle it out. Following the game it became apparent that four is probably the maximum that can battle it out in such a game so we will need to be aware of this for future Monday nights.
the outskirts of Cairo



The four leagues (made up on Sunday night and assisted by a rather fine Rioja) were as follows.

Eisen Schloss (Iron Castle in German)  - A Nazi sponsored group intent on securing objects of antiquity and paranormal interest for the benefit of the Fatherland. This League is headed up by Count Kluge and his rather butch henchman Herr Kutz (who clearly fashions himself on his idol)


The Children of the Sun. A mythical cult based in Egypt intent on protecting the antiquities of the Pharoahs. This group is lead by the High Priest Al Quresh who somehow has resurrected the bones of King Thotses 1V

sadly no team photo..Legatus Hedlius figures

P.I.T.H. (Paranomal Incidents that Threatens Humanity) A British based secret organisation intent on the destruction of cults, magic and other sinister activities. The group is lead by Ray ‘the gun’ Alan and his partner Lord Charles. Funnily enough all the leading characters wear Pith Helmets. The group was also joined by Doddery Ken


The Kennedy Research Institute of Histories and Antiquities: An American organisation (possibly backed by the Government) intent on collecting famous antiquities and locking them up in a warehouse. This strange behaviour is almost certainly driven by the fact that the Americans have little of their own history so by default want nobody else to have them. This team was lead by the adventurer Texas Bob and ably assisted by Professor Missouri.


As you can see these Leagues really had very little thought put against them but do create a flavour of what might unfold.
Our adventure was set in the 1930's just outside Cairo. (Yes I know very Indiana Jones). Pulp Alley is a game driven by plot points - as the players collect these plots they can progress through to the final task. In this case the final task was located in the centre of the table. An old Obelisk - the winning player needed to collect two plot points (from an available four) that would enable a translation of the Heiroglyphics on the central obelisk.

Our four sub plot points were marked around the table using white counters. These were to be found at -
  • The truck outside the tomb entrance
  • The obelisk outside town
  • The tall building overlooking the market
  • The Bedouin camp
The four players each started in one of the corners.
Rather than writing up a full AAR I'll leave that to Legatus who has produced a wonderful write up on his blog. I am just going to post a few piccies of the key actions

The Local Bedouin Arab who was himself a plot point
The Mummy stomps towards the Nazis

The Evil Count Kluge dispatching a yankee sieze a plot point

The chaos of the table

Chaos in the Bedouin encampment...Lord Charles comes to a sticky end

Mummy !! - Storms the Nazis at the final plot point.

The Local Market including Mad Mullah


The Nazis approach the first plot point and quickly capture this unopposed

The Americans cautiously wait on the edge of the board.....


As I stated earlier on a full aar is sitting on Legatus's blog - its a good read and you get to find out who won...

cheers & until next time




  1. Thanks. I always enjoy your hard work.

  2. Great fun and thanks for hosting. My team photo is on my blog! Hope to see you at Salute!

  3. Nice stuff. I always find a ton of inspiration in works of wellow wargamers.
    May i ask, where the red car comes from? We can use some for our pulp alley adventures.