Friday, 17 April 2015

Building a Volcano - The Results

Hi Folks

So if you have been following the Volcano thread you will know that I was doing this for a competition on the Lead Adventure Forum. Well this has all now finished.

There were some stunning entries and if you have not seen the thread on the Lead Adventure Forum I would strongly recommend a visit.

In the end my efforts gave me fourth place BUT I was well and truly beaten by some worthy winners. Indeed there were so many good entries the spread of votes were very tight.

This was my final entry..

which if I have already posted apologies

However to get to this montage I did actually take lots of shots - even some with a bonfire behind to get some flame and smoke. Sadly I couldn't photoshop the pictures so this idea was canned.

Here are a few photos of the beast that never made the montage...

So that's it for the Build something competition this year. A big thank you to Jim Bibbly of the LAF for his organisation and congrats to the winners and all the other participants.

Until next year...


  1. Excellent work Eric. I think this might be an appropriate track to play when it's in use:

  2. Excellent, beautiful and very impressive!

  3. Fantastic project from inception to completion, sir!

  4. Absolutely wonderful Eric! I've followed this build from day one and it has been thoroughly entertaining. Would you be interested in having this appear in the next issue of Wargame Bloggers Quarterly? If so drop us an email on

  5. Very nice work - you got my vote!

  6. Looks good Mr Shed. I shall press on with mine now.