Wednesday, 29 January 2014

VBCW - Vehicles

OK first posting on my new project for the VBCW ( A very British Civil War) - I think in my next post I'll outline what this is all about but to summarise -

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The book on the right is the one you want to get all the background - its a great read

Great Britain 1930's has had a constitutional crisis - Edward won't abdicate following his marriage to the divorcee Wallis Simpson. The Government of the day cant stand idly by and resigns on mass, the leader of the opposition refuses to form a government. With no government in place Edward uses his royal right to ask the fascist Oswald Mosley to form a government. Believe it or not this could happen !

Clearly the electorate disenfranchised by their politicians feel aggrieved and many take things into their hands - motivated by political leanings communism, socialism, capitalism etc etc several splinter groups take advantage of the political vacuum.

Nationalist parties seize the opportunity to declare independence (Scotland, Wales, Cornwall), Ireland erupts into further bloodshed. The Church declares against the current King and wants to see the crown on his brothers head. Governments of Europe pour resources into Britain to support the side that best matches their ambitions - Hitler & Mussolini siding with the British ruling right wing, the workers unions receiving support from Uncle Joe

The British Armed Forces (predominantly overseas guarding the Empire fragment take up allegiances according to the regiments home depots) etc etc, American loyalists, freebooters and smugglers abound...its a mess

The beauty of this period is that players are encouraged to write their own local histories and fight the ficticious battles in the areas they know. With the timing centred on the mid thirties we are beginning to see the mix of the old great war technologies with the new. Its going to be great fun!

So I get home today and a big pile of parcels more tomorrow!

Having decided to tackle this head on I spent a few quid over the weekend scouring for troops, vehicles and other interesting bits...this post focuses on the Vehicles bought. They are all from the Lledo range and given these were no longer in production were all sourced on ebay.

A few months back I bought some civilian cars but they've gone missing in the shed but once found I'll post them up.

But here goes the Shed Vehicle fleet is starting to the cars nicely show off my new roads

The star buys...

I was very fortunate to find two perfect box sets - the first a limited edition of the Home war Vehicle range, the second being a second world war range. These are both perfect and as you can see are very close in scale to the 28mm figures - the figure shown is a British Fascist from Gripping Beast (Musketeer range).

We have got ourselves a convoy

No painting needed

The text is just perfect for the VBCW

1930's fire engine & limo

A rather controversial advert

Over the coming weeks I'll share my thoughts on the figures I have bought -and the factions I am painting.

I also have a whole new terrain project to build - a railway line complete with trains, bridges and tunnels for southern England. The first elements have arrived but these can wait for a future post.

Have fun


  1. I actually love the Golliwog one. I remember getting jars of Robinsons jam with the golliwog on them and being fascinated by it. They are part of history of how people thought and thankfully we have moved on from it but it shouldn't be forgotten or frowned upon. Life is too short for that lark :)

    Glad to see you doing VBCW and look forward to the excellent effort you put into all your projects mate :)

    1. Thanks Flags

      I had to buy the van when I saw it on ebay - it just shows how un pc the world was - ideal for the 1930's

      Very much looking forward to getting this project moving forward - lots of ideas

  2. I've always though the British too sensible to have a twentieth century civil war so never bought into the whole VBCW thing but it has certainly taken off in the last few years. Those vehicles really were a find!

    One of my great Uncle's was one of Oswald Mosley's bodyguard!

    1. Hi Legatus

      Just been taken with the bug - it just seems so different. My campaigns are going to be based on the A3 corridor - London to Portsmouth -

      I'll name one of the British Fascist officers after your Great Uncle !

  3. hi.just wonderin what your roads are made of??cheers.john

  4. hi.just wonderin what your roads are made of??cheers.john

  5. found the road section,cheers