Saturday 1 February 2014

28mm Trains for Wargamers part 1

Poop Poop...says the runaway train.. Has Shed Wars turned its attention to model railways?

When I embarked on my VBCW project one of the things that appealed was the opportunity to lay down a railway track as part of the scenery. However like all good wargamers things have to be done on a budget so last weekend I trawled the internet looking up and reviewing cheap toy train sets.

In the end I think I might have struck gold as the picture below might testify.

The figures in the picture are 28mm -  I would hazard a guess that the train is around 1/72 scale based on the size of the door into the train cab. Yes its a cheap and nasty train but it only cost £7.99 on ebay including postage.

For this princely sum you get two coal tenders, the locomotive and a large tanker. Plus of course track - 4 straights and 8 curves

All the bits laid out - I intend to convert the tanker it into an armoured wagon complete with turrets - in a very heath robinson style.

The company that makes these trains seems to be called Train Familiar - Rail Car Series- pictures of both front and reverse side of boxes shown.

I also found this box set (below)- much more complete with box cars and passenger carriages. I have found prices of these varying from £79 to £19.

Basing the fact that it has a similar loco and coal tender in the picture I assumed that they were the same scale. So I went out a bought my self a box !

Hopefully they are the same scale ! - Ill confirm soon

I also found this one but no sign of a retailer.

So a bit of work to do - the rains need repainting, the track boards need building (including a bridge) and I need to start thinking about the layout.

All the best



  1. I will be looking for a cheap 1/72nd scale TRAIN for my 20mm Arab revolt Game. This looks like just the thing.... Thanks for sharing I shall keep my eye out.

  2. For some reason trains always make for nice terrain. Looking forward to this. I'm pretty envious that you can manage so many projects and manage to play games with them.

    1. Thank you - THE US

      Projects are always good fun and gamming is essential - no point in having all this stuff and never playing with it.

  3. Nice find, I'm sure it will paint up well

  4. Good buy; the rolling stock is a bit european in style - but will make a good basis for an armoured train. The problem I find with sets like that is there is never enough straight sections.

    I made up some railway sections using some cheap accessories, Hornby 00/H0 track and rolling stock at picked up at local Toy&train fairs.

    In use for a game here

    -- Allan

    1. I have ordered a larger box sert for ££189 which should have enough track so I can lay out a double section across my table.

    2. Sorry should have said £18.99

  5. Suggestion: With a little work, salvage the wheels and couplers from the 2nd coal tender. Build a simple flatcar platform and attach the remaining wheels and couplers to the train car. Flatcars are great because you can put anything on it...jeeps, Anti-tank guns, boxes, barrels, lumber, soldiers sitting on boxes and etc.

    1. Great idea - I have some more wagons on the way