Friday, 10 January 2014

An e-bay bargain is won

For some time now I have been browsing ebay for some siege engine stuff for my tales of Robin Hood. I then discovered an offer that I would have a speculative punt on...

the 1/72 scale Zvesda Siege tower...I put in a bid of £1.40 (+£4.00 postage) and a few days later won the deal.

I should have mentioned that the siege tower came with not just one pack of siege engines....

Not two packs of siege engines.......

But three packs of siege engines....

With each pack retailing for over £6 I was well chuffed with my bargain...

If by any chance the seller recognises his wares - thank you

Eric the Shed


  1. Nice haul, sir! Now build them and give us pics next to various figures, please. I have been eyeing that very set myself.

  2. Tower and catapults built last night
    if anything the tower is a little small but the catapults and ballistae are perfect

    painted photos soon

  3. You can't complain about that for a deal!

  4. Awesome! Its great when you get bids like this. I got a Lotr character set a set of brushes and all the paints list on the back of the box for about £7 inc postage I was well chuffed considering the figures alone should of cost £25!

    1. I always feel sad for the vender if it goes too low