Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Polar Adventures - More Figures & supplies

Postie was good today and brought me two parcels - just a few more figures for the Polar Adventures project...

Earlier this year I had the fortune to see 'Silent Invaders' Skirmish Scavenge and Survive game in the flesh at BLAM and had the pleasure of pushing some lead around his fabulous snow covered town.

The lead in question came from his own range of figures and some of these are ideal for the 'armed civvies' I want to have at my Polar base.

For the full range head over to his website

Of course I had to include these guys from Copplestone

The Polar Adventurers

The Inuit

The Huskies

By chance I work very close to 4D the model supplies shop in East London (nearest tube Tower Hill) so a quick trip at lunchtime saw me bring back these goodies...

White Flock

Fake Snow

We'll see how these work out in a couple of trials in the next few weeks




  1. Replies
    1. Not my work sadly just had the fortune to play on it

  2. Its an amazing table I'd love to see in the flesh. It was great watching it being built. Look forward to seeing more of your winter project

    1. Steve aka silent invader is the builderof this table it really does look fabulous

  3. Very impressive. I've never see a table-top winter battle scene like this one you have created. A+++, IMO.

    1. Sadly it is not mine but I guy called Steve who runs miniature mojo

  4. I love the walkway that you have over the road. Where did you get it?

    1. As above its not my table but the road is actually a railroad and the walk bridge I think is from a model railway supplier