Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Return to Frostgrave

Monday night saw a return to Frostgrave and an opportunity to set up the Shed in a different configuration. The new tables allow the possibility of setting up different tables and with four players we elected to play two games simultaneously. In the end Colin, John, Stephen amnd myself managed three games in the space of three hours.

We started with Level 1 Wizards and agreed that experience , treasure etc would be worked out post event. The plan is to build up some Wizards quickly to replay the monster bash we did a cioupler of years back. This can be found HERE  

Apologies for the lack of in game photos but things were rather frantic.

Table 1 - The old Wizards quarter

Table 2: The Bridge of Dragons

A few in game shots

The less said about my new Elementalist Anthrax the betterm, his apprentice Ceefax did a much better job.

Two games this week - we return to the Peninsular for more Napoleonic action on Weds night

More soon & stay safe


  1. Looks great, you certainly had a couple of lovely tables there.

  2. What an amazing set up, stunning!

  3. Lovely looking scenery - I must get back to Frostgrave some day - I had quite a lot of fun with my all female band including a head scratching Reaper apprentice sorceress!