Sunday, 26 February 2017

Monster Bash Frostgrave Style

Hi Folks

Its been ages since I have played Frostgrave and when my chum John mentioned that he and a friend of his had a session planned for Saturday afternoon I jumped at the chance to join in..

Rather than play out one of the scenarios they had decided on a cooperative game with us three players and our half strength warbands against the random monster table. Over the course of the afternoon the warbands would have to fight their way across the ruined city to other end  - think British Bulldogs.

Each turn the wandering monsters would have a further three added to their number.

It all started off rather well and our half strength teams were able to deal out sufficient damage to those creatures on the board and then the position changed - John rolled a 100 and on toddled the Lich Lord and his retinue. At this point our forces were being sorely tested by several Vampires and Frost Giants !

We quickly agreed the remaining members of the warbands could join in support.  A spirited reseistance by the Lich Lord saw many of Colin's forces bite the dust but successive elemental bolts and bone darts eventually managed to drive the dark Lord from the table.

Only a few photos from the game but great fun and an opportunity to build my ruined city

Until next time


  1. The city looks great & the game sounded like a lot of fun.

  2. Amasing work!!! I like very much the dragon's statues.

  3. British Bulldogs, rainy days in the school shelter.

  4. Love it. Great to see fantastic Frostgrave Tables.

  5. superb looking table , good job the lich lord didn't know about cheating Italian rugby teams , the result could have been way different .

  6. I love the idea of cooperating against the random monsters... Its an idea I will steal from you. Great Batrep!

  7. We used a chart for the monster generation, one created by Colin which includes three columns and each column had a 1-100 % roll to generate the monsters. Column 1 was the easier monsters such as rats and skeletons, column two included tougher creatures and column three included the hardest stuff. It did work well:-)

  8. That city looks stunning The multi-levels really look good. Do they make it a platform game?