Monday, 5 June 2017

Napoleonic Project part 8 - The French Cuirassiers

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If you missed the post concerning the French Artillery you can find it here - don't worry a link at the end of that post will bring you back here

So as I mentioned in my last post I had some French Cavalry units nearing completion and over the weekend I managed to finish off the Curassiers.

These are my favourite Napoleonic regiment of all time and if I hadn't discovered that there was one regiment in Spain - I would have bent history and ensured that these armoured plated boys would have made an appearance.

Fortunately one regiment did travel to the Peninsular - the 13th - whether they played any role is conjecture but they were there !

A fellow blogger has done a great write up on these chaps and it can be found here..

Sadly these horsemen did not wear the blue jacket but a brown one - once again I um'd and arh'd over whether mine should have a blue coat but in the end I followed history and plumped for the less regal looking brown version.

The figures themselves are from Perry and are full of character. They certainly look the part of heavy horse being more robust than the lighter cavalry units produced by the same company.

These are all based singly on 25mm x 50mm bases from warbases and then slotted into movements trays (3 per tray) - this allows the unit to be deployed on column and double line simply.

really must paint the moustaches

Looking forward to seeing these in action...

Up next will be the utilitarian french horse - Les Chasseurs a Cheval

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