Thursday, 1 June 2017

Napoleonic Project Part 7 - The French Guns

Just in case you were thinking that I had 'ceased fire' on this massive project I am sad to say you are very mistaken....

Previous posting was here

So lets do a quick resume of where I have got to and whats still in the pipe...

Each Regiment consists of 12 Cavalry or 24 Infantry - all based separately and then in movement trays (three figures for cavalry and four for infantry)


  • British Command Stands (10)
  • British Artillery - 6 Artillery pieces and crew
  • British Infantry - 12 Battalions painted (inc 2 Highland & 1 Rifle)
  • British Dragoons - 1 Regiment
  • French Dragoons - 1 Regiment
  • French Artillery - 6 Artillery pieces and crew (pictures below)
Total painted - 38 Horse, 348 infantry, 12 guns


  • French Curassiers - 1 regiment painted in brown coats as there was only one regiment in Spain
  • French Chasseurs a Cheval - 3 regiments (just need to base)
  • French Light Infantry - four regiments almost completed

Almost painted - 48 Horse, 96 infantry


  • French Line Infantry - 8 Infantry Regiments
  • French Hussars - 2 Regiments
  • French Lancers - 1 Regiment
  • British Light Dragoons - 2 Regiments
  • British Hussars - 1 Regiment
  • Portuguese line Infantry - 2 Regiments
  • Portuguese Cacadores - 1 Regiment
  • French Old Guard - I regiment (I know they did not fight in Spain)
  • French Command
To be painted - 88 Horse, 288 Infantry 

  • Portuguese Infantry - one more box to complete a 3 strong brigade
  • British Heavy Dragoons - 2 Regiments - waiting on Warlord to release on June 17th
  • French Line Infantry - 3 more regiments
To be bought and painted - 24 Horse, 96 Infantry

This makes a total of 

Guns - 12
Cavalry - 174
Infantry - 828

a total of 1014 figures....gulp....

By my reckoning I am out about 40% of the way through this painting marathon (give me zulus to paint any day) and should be complete come the end of the summer

The Foot Artillery shown today were sourced at Salute direct from Victrix - these were a joy to build and assemble and at 40 quid for six guns and crew great value (7 quid/gun). I decided on four medium and two large guns. At some point in time I am going to need to source French Horse Artillery but I think I can wait for the moment.

Two 12 lbs

4 x 8lbs

Close up - painting these was good practice for the forthcoming french infantry

Another view

All six batteries


  1. Very nice, easier to assemble than the French infantry box I found, they've come out very well.
    Best Iain

  2. Impressive and beautiful job!

  3. I think "Going Well" is a slight understatement :)

    I take it the British heavy dragoons from Warlord will be for the late Peninsular War period, as I believe, although they include bicorns, the bodies are in the later uniform.

    1. Yes I intend to use the Warlord Plastic Dragoons for the Peninsular - not too fussed about the uniform and mione will probably get the Grecian Helm - so much nicer than a simple Bicorne

  4. Impressive undertaking and high standards maintained - you are putting my painting doldrums to shame!

  5. Lovely work as always Eric. You are a painting machine sir!