Monday, 20 February 2017

A new Project - 28mm Napoleonic Skirmish

Hello Folks

Its been almost a month since my last post on the blog and since we re-fought Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift back in January. Work commitments and a sunny holiday in the Caribbean have meant much of my hobby time has been curtailed however I have been doing some bits and bobs over the last few weeks so this post is just a quick update.

I have also made a start on my next project, yes I know the Jason one isn't finished (more on this soon) but like all good wargamers we tend to flit from one period to another. This project was prompted by two key events - the first was the release of the Chosen Men ruleset by Osprey and the second was a wonderful acquisition I procured on ebay - a complete Spanish town for £80.

So I have kicked off Napoleonic skirmish. The first troops arrived back at the beginning of February as an order from Warlord Games and their great deal on Army builders - I settled on the British peninsular with a box of Rifles, Peninsular Infantry, light Dragoons, a n artillery piece, mounted commanders and a mule train. The plastics are all assembled and just need a coat of paint.

A quick read through the rules suggest that these will be fast and furious - perfect for the games in the shed.

14 British Light Dragoons from Perry - the sprues actually come with enough kit to make a further 14 riders - just need to find some spare horses.

Fairly basic British Peninsular infantry in marching order - these will be based eventually in two rank trays from warbases

and of course the British Rifles - these loom fantastic figures. Full of character.

This purchase from ebay really was fantastic and such a bargain. The buildings are all hand built from mdf and have proper pantile roofs

Some of the free standing town houses even have flower beds !

The green boards I have laid this out on don't do the building justice. They'll probably look better on my desert boards. At a push these buildings will also serve well for my pirate games.

More soon...

part 2 is here


  1. For the extra horses, you can get sprues of three for £3.50 from the Perrys - look under plastics/accessories

    That village looks great and for just £80? Now is that a bargain or is that a bargain? :)

    1. Yes, the problem is though, that paying £1.16 per horse & shipping is too pricey. I have 4 of their cavalry boxes thus would have to spend another £65.- just for the horses...

      I should have gotten more from the WGF horses when they had their big sale before handing over their stuff to Warlord Games.

    2. I looked at buying the sprues but as you say £1.16 plus shipping is expensive

  2. One of my club members has these rules and wants to try them. So I expect I will at some point. The Village does look good and can be used for many things not just Naps (Obviously) so rather a good buy I would suggest. I look forward to seeing more on this project in the weeks to come.

  3. Wow! That Spanish village was a true bargain and quite an impressive sight! I want one!

  4. The village looks excellent... I'm also looking at Chosen Men and/or Sharp Practice. I have some British and French so we'll have to give them a try.

  5. Wow! The village looks brilliant...a definite bargain!

  6. Good heavens, that village is excellent, and a great bargain! I look forward to seeing the figures painted and in action.

  7. What a marvelous village. It should serve you well for those skirmish battles :)

  8. Bargain village! I have just started re-watching Sharpe and bought chosen men but, as I mentioned on my blog this weekend, I have some reservations about it so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. I think Alastair is a fan of Sharp Practice for similar battles.

  9. that town is superb , great for anything spanish or italian ( even SCW and WW2) . Not a fan of Sharp Practice . IMHO ''Chosen men'' as you say would be great for shed 3 hour games .