Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Some Beasts for Congo

A few months back my good chum Alastair bought along Congo to play in the Shed - it was great fun.

Our first AAR can be found here

This prompted me to go out and buy the rules. I think I have all the figures I need to create the forces using my pulp heroes for the white men hunters, my zulus for the natives and my arabs for the zanzibari slavers BUT I needed some African beasts.

These were sourced from Black Tree

The Nile crocodiles are about 6cm long and come in three parts -easy to build and paint up beautifully

A Black Rhino

A pride of lions

Will hopefully get another game of Congo in soon

until next time


  1. Great minds think alike Eric! I've just painted a crocodile and a hippo (though mine are from Ral Partha) :)
    These look great.

  2. Love to have a game of Congo as I missed the one you did. Nice to get some animals into it!

  3. Have a couple of hippo's on the way as the start of my collections, those croc's look sweet will have to add to the wanted list as well as all the other stuff.