Saturday, 29 October 2016

Leaders, Artillery and Horseholders for Anglo Zulu Wars

Just a short post today...

I finally finished off my Artillery trains for the Zulu wars - I say trains because I have created two. I originally ordered one set for c£27 from Foundry (this was their Boer War Artillery train) but when the goods arrived I noticed that they had provided a second limber frame by accident.

A quick rummage through muy spares box found a couple of wheels and an ainsty resin chest could be glued on top of the limber for the seat (ammo caisson).

When I saw the six horses provided they looked vaguely familiar and another search through my various spares bin found two more horses identical to the original six. I was in business.

The towed guns are from redoubt and glued to their own bases - I can use these separately as static terrain pieces or as the towed versions...

The redoubt delivery also came with an NMP and Natal Native Horse horse holder. Using the spare horses from my Black Tree Design order two more bases created. Now my auxilliary cavalry can dismount to fight...

Finally I realised I needed more British Officers if we were going to play Big Black Powder games. These figures are all courtesy of Empress Miniatures - great figures with loads of personality...


  1. Nice work! Fielding limbers and teams is a necessary evil, I suppose. Limbers do look grand on the table.

  2. Good job you have a big table......looking forward to seeing that BIG battle

  3. Jolly nice. I know having limbers on the table can be a pain, but they should be represented.

  4. Some great additions.

  5. Wonderful additions, well done!