Tuesday, 4 October 2016

A Zulu War Kickstarter

Hi Folks

This was brought to my attention earlier today and thought it might be of interest to anybody else out there putting together a Zulu War army.

Personally I wish it had happened about three months earlier !

The Kickstarter link is here


and is being run by AW Miniatures - they are looking for funding to bring out some frontier light horse but the real interest should be in the higher pledge levels. You can get some serious amount of kit for a relatively low price. The cavalry prices are the best out there.

oh and I forgot to mention the best part of the deal,,,

I have purchased the Rorkes Drift Hero set and they are very characterful figures...these will complement them nicely

Until next time...


  1. Good spot, perfect timing just as the Zulu project is raising its head.

  2. 'Poor Will. Why do they always fire at him?'