Monday, 9 November 2015

Frostgrave Terrain part 4

Hi Folks

Part 1 can be found here

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Onto the terrain - a few more hours spent in the Shed over the weekend building my Frostgrave city - I have added more walkways, towers and added few bits.

Started to sand up the various items and slap on the first coats of paint. But this is going to take time as you can see from the mess I am working in.

As this develops it appears to be developing into a mishmash of Arabian, Indian, Gothic and Crusader styles. The city is only in part decay - many of the structures will be sound but empty. Those that have collapsed will feature but concentrated in key zones that were ravaged by fires, ice damage and magical storms.

It is my considered thinking that our Frostgrave treasure hunters are going to head for the richer parts of the city - the temples, the palaces, the libraries and museums for their booty. Treasure is unlikely to be found in the slums or residential areas.

The piccies

A new walkway with towers and domes - sanded and part painted

The Alter of Evil has a plinth (steps required) and I have added paving to the America Step Pyramid

An Octagonal Tower - corner steps off first bridge now finished - awaiting drybrushing

There's the first bridge completed - the temple top left comes from aquarium pieces

Another city shot - more steps and the towers

A close up on one of the towers - part sanded

Another city mess in background

The Octagonal tower (top sanded)

The Ziterdes ruined tower painted black - all the pieces will be painted the same so they tie in together

More aquarium pieces

More coming soon...including the first painted minis

part 5 is here


  1. Nice! I have all those aquarium pieces but I just use them as is...looking forward to see how they'll look once you've finished your table!

  2. Really great looking project...........but it is making me worried for your storage capacity in the shed ?

    1. So am I .....a refurb and new layout is on the plans

  3. Inspiring work as always, Eric. I shall be liberally borrowing your ideas, as most of the terrain I've seen in Frost grave AAR's seems to be sourced from Christmas decorations, making it appear that the city of Frostgrave should be populated by elvish toymakers...

  4. Inspirations stuff as always Eric. Keep going mate, this is great stuff...

  5. That is a stunning looking collection of scenery, I can't wait to see it finished!

  6. It's off to a really good start. I like how you are making it multi-level.

  7. Once again I'm astonished at the speed at which you can put together great looking terrain! Makes me embarrassed that everything seems to take me so long.....

  8. Wow, amazing job. So much faster than I work too...

  9. I intend to try and pick up some Frostgrave figures at Warfare!

  10. If those EVA sheets have thickness to them (I'm not familiar with that product -- but they look like thin foam sheets), have you thought about taking an Xacto blade and cutting out a few corners of the "flagstones" on the bridge or pyramid and sprinkling some small rubble pieces around the hole so that it looked like the stone has completely crumbled? Just an idea.
    Everything looks great.