Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Frost Grave Terrain Build - part 7

So my Frostgrave City of Dragons has a few more statues...

If you recall in my last post I decided to add a Dragon Feel to my city build.

It really pays to search down these beasts on ebay in the collectables sections.

Last post:

First up we have a Dragon Optic Lamp which when you remove the optic fibres looks just like an alter.

To 'statuefy this item I just sprayed black (only had some Black Satin - hence the shine)

And then I drybrushed up using the greys on the buildings. I think it looks fabulous.

I also acquired two smaller beasts - these are great for sitting on top of the towers - I still need to repaint these.

Finally I acquired the following bits an pieces from Warfare at the weekend - perfect for those Frostgrave settings - I think they all come from Scotia Grendel

another Altar

an adventurers campsite

and some Wizard paraphernalia

All these still have to be painted.

Until next time

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  1. Fantastic work! I really enjoy this series of yours.

  2. Those look great! You know, if you put a small coloured LED on that first one where the optic fibre were it would look awesome. I've been getting inspired by these types of projects:

    1. I was think along similar lines. Have the LED below the surface and put some clear resin in the bowl. Gives you a glowing pool...

    2. Exactly! The impact of small lighting effects like this on the table can be really very striking, We once played a Pulp game with only candlelight and it was excellent.

  3. Excellent work. This is going to be a stunning table when you're done!

  4. Some superb pieces there will look great!