Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A plug for Blind Beggar Miniatures

Hi Folks

One of my good wargaming chums is launching his own range of figures under the banner of Blind Beggar Miniatures

He is using Kickstarter to get the productions moulds up and running

There is great range already (& I have seen the figures in the flesh so I know they exist) and he has plans for more.

So if the early - mid 19th Century, ladies with guns and other unusual stuff is your thing here is a great chance to add to your burgeoning lead pile.

A selection from the range...


This hobby needs people like Paul to keep it fresh and exciting so go on for a few quid give him your support...
PS if you do back Paul as a result of this post add a comment on the blog so I can badger him for some samples over and above my pledge...;-)
until next time