Friday, 25 September 2015

Building the docks part 7 - The Refinery

In my last post on the building of the docks I showed up the various components and how all these pieces were coming together. I was able to finish off the refinery this week so a few pictures...

The pieces are all loose so various permutations can be created. Aside from the grey resin building (boght from Tablescape) the rest are just old bits of piping and tin money box cans.

The tops of the cans have been covered in glue and sand then painted black to give an asphalt top.

The BP logo is from the 1930's and seems to work quite well on the green sprayed cans. The figures are all from the Pulp Figures range.

Until next time...


  1. Nice to see some close up pics of this refinery - smashing work :)

  2. Excellent work - I am in awe of your terrain making skills

    1. This was possibly one of the simplest things I have done - thank you for the praise

  3. Very nice, sir. The lip of the cans make for a convincing "natural" parapet.