Saturday, 5 September 2015

28mm Pulp Tramp Steamer - Project Finished !

Ladies & Gentlemen

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Steamer 'Katie Jane' has finally left the dockyards !

Believe it or not I haven't worked on this project since February of this year and everytime I enter the shed the dear old boat stares at me wanting its finishing touches.

So once the working week was done I decided to get this done - afterall the boat is integral to my dockside build and the game I am planning for BLAM in October.

The start of this project can be found here...

from the beginning

and is a shot of progress made in February

So what's been added...

the ship needed its name plates....

The Air vents  - these were purchased online through a model boat builders - perfect for those pulp hideaways !

Stairs have been added to allow access to the bow and stern decks

I  have then added some masts - just simple dowel rods

and a flag (both made up on the computer and printed)

throw in some life-rings and the ship is complete.

I give you the Steamer Katie Jane...

The crew is mustered...

Oh and why the Katie Jane ? Well that is the name of my wife...she is chuffed to bits that the boat is named after her

you look nothing like Leonardo


  1. This is charming! Now my wife will want a ship named after her, better read your "how to..." post now.
    Have fun gaming on her, best wishes,

  2. Just read the whole series of posts - an utterly brilliant achievement and hast off for sticking with it Mr Shed, these projects often go the way of the Dodo! Best wishes, Jeremy

  3. Great piece of Kit and plenty of room on the decks for regular skirmish games.
    Well done.

  4. What a beauty she is, a fabulous build Sir.

  5. Looks great. I'm sure she'll make for some great games too.

  6. Great looking ship!
    "you look nothing like Leonardo" :-)

  7. She looks great. Nice job the build.

  8. A lovely looking lady :)

    Named after your wife? I guess that's one way of earning brownie points to trade off against future purchases ;)

  9. Nice build! Naming the vessel after your wife won't hurt. ;)

  10. Well done, Mr Shed! She looks awesome!

  11. Fantastic build and great to see her ready for her maiden voyage - Skull Island awaits!

  12. God bless her & all who sail in her!