Tuesday, 1 September 2015

28mm Flying Saucer / UFO part 2

Hi Folks

Managed to get a bit more work done on the flying saucer last night...

Part 1 can be found here...


First up I felt that the side wall needed some embellishment - this was provided by some old games workshop bases I had knocking around.

I then turned my attention to the landing gear. I decided quite early on that this would be a separate piece - that way I could display the saucer both in flight and on the ground.

The 'legs' are actually plumbing fittings - a bag of ten cost around £11. These were fixed to a card disk (on which will sit the saucer). To give them more weight I added a 25mm washer 'foot'.

Once these were dry the whole thing got its first primer coat and then the first 'silver coat' - metallic Volvo Silver from Halfords

I still need to complete the paiont job but I thought you might like to see the craft with some of its occupants...this is a big saucer

I should hopefully get this completed later in the week...

Until next time


  1. Outstanding! I want to go play Xcom UFO Defence now for some reason ;-)

  2. Quite convincing. A very good project and an easy one for idiots like me!

  3. Lovely work; such a simple and elegant idea. And it looks better than the one in The Dalek Invasion of Earth!

  4. All it needs now is a ramp for the occupants to glide down. Or stairs ;)

  5. -To the Tardis, Doctor! To the Tardis!!

  6. Excellent work, Eric! The combination of disparate elements into an effective model is brilliant. However, for some reason I'm imagining this floating next to your dock, with daleks trundling across a gangway to do battle with the local constabulary...

  7. I love this! My Mantic Martians need a ride, something like this might just be the thing. Really looking forward to seeing how this turns out painted.

  8. Great idea! Works brilliant...like to do similar model- if can find some plastic hub caps. Cheers.