Sunday, 30 August 2015

Building the Docks part 5 - coming together

Can you believe that the last time I posted anything against this build was back in early July when I showed off the factory buildings.

Well I have been fortunate enough to lock myself away for the last 12 hours and have now broken the back of this build.

The start of this build is here

or alternatively you can go to the last post #4 here

Lets start with the factory from Sarissa, I decided to tackle the roof first. This was sprayed black and then dry brushed up brown to rive a dirty effect.

I then cut up an opaque plastic folder to create the paned glass roof - this was then ink washed

The red paint job disappeared quite quickly and the final building ended up grey...with green windows

The roof lifts off to reveal a big interior - empty at the moment

The two big warehouse also got the paint treatment...

As did the factory office...

And the factory power station...

The wooden warehouse also got its first coat of paint...this will have a corrugated iron roof

So its all starting to come together....

Now need to start working on the extra bits - eg a crane (from an old hornby set)

More to come very soon....

part 6 can be found here


  1. Living close (walking distance) to Chatham dockyard this does all look very familiar!

  2. It really is taking shape wonderfully.

  3. That looks superb - should make for some interesting pulp games, or even WW2/VBCW

  4. This is so awesome! Very cool buildings!

  5. Very nice table, definitely a source of inspiration for my planned industrial table.