Monday, 17 November 2014

Uprising in Southchester - the setup

Hi Folks

Running quite a big game in the Shed tonight called Uprising in Southchester - a great opportunity to put loads of terrain on the table


The small walled city of Southchester (ficticious) lies on the Essex side of the River Thames. Its about 40 miles from London.

Prior to the War this estuary town was famous for its local eel fishing, a rather beautiful 14th century church and the near perfect Norman Keep. Local travellers would often stay in the King George Hotel situated on the harbour front.

For the last six months it has been under the protectorate of the BUF. The local garrison commanded by Colonel Simpson, a rather unsavoury character. However local residents have decided that enough is enough and want to throw their lot in with the Anglican League.

At Dawn an explosion ripped through the telephone exchange and armed partisans can be seen on the streets. The objective simple take the town from the BUF.
The Partisans have three core objectives

1. Sieze the Old Norman Keep
2. Sieze the Railway Station
3. Sieze the Western Gatehouse

At some point in the proceedings the League will land reinforcements along the beach/port.

Come back tomorrow/later in the week for the battle report


  1. This table is really awesome!!

  2. Fantastic set up! What game are you playing?

    1. Thank you Sir - A very British Civil War using Bolt Action rules

  3. That's a ridiculously good looking table! What a playground :)

  4. Splendid layout, even by your standards!

  5. Your model is extraordinary, so full of marvelous details, good atmosphere and colors! Congratulations!! I am very curious to see the gam in action with close-up pictures!
    All the best, Peter