Thursday, 13 November 2014

Apologies & Cats Eyes

Hi Folks

This is just a brief message to let you all know that things are still happening in the Shed...but are not being reported as frequently as the in the past..

Why...I hear you shout across digital space?

Well a couple of things are happening..

firstly I have got myself a new job which has meant I have had little time to put finger to keyboard and write up the various projects I am working on.

Secondly I needed a break from painting and building. The good news is that my mojo has returned an a whole load of new stuff is on its way.

Despite all that I continue to get games in every Monday night and over the last few weeks we have been playing everything from Warmaster to Saga, from a Lord Of the Rings Black Powder game to X Wing. The bad news is that I singularly failed to take any pictures. ;-(


But here is a picture of my cat to satisfy those image junkeys

This of course brings out a whole new way of looking at Cats Eyes in the road..

Coming up soon I promise will be the continuing build of my arid/desert landscape, the start of my major painting programme of a huge Saracen army, more trees from china, a VBCW game called Uprising (set in the walled city of Southchester) and of course a
 photo report from Reading this weekend....I'll be there on Saturday morning. If I am feeling brave Ill wear my Eric the Shed T Shirt

until next time

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