Sunday, 23 November 2014

Desert Boards - Finally Complete

Hi Folks

If you recall I started this Desert board project back in July of this year it looked a bit like this...

Five months later I am delighted to report that the desert boards, Egyptian monuments, temple, pyramid and now Oasis are complete.

There are clearly some more bits and pieces to add for a number of other genres - eg Middle East town, river Nile etc but I can now at least think about putting together some pulp games.

As reminder the monuments are all bought from ebay - they are Egyptian souvenirs that people no longer want. I reckon the total coat of these was about £25-£30

The oasis is just a couple of mdf boards cut out with blue floor tiles stuck on the underside to create the water.

The Palm trees were predominantly sourced from a Chinese ebay seller. I bought these a couple of years back for my pirate games.

The tents you can see in the Oasis were bought from Reading Warfare from a supplier called adrian's walls
These are a really nice piece of kit and are great value. They'll serve for a multitude of desert genre

The Afrika Korps figures are mostly Black Tree and Artizan Designs - I painted up about 40 of the guys before I got bored. Only another 15 to go..

Played around with Paint for the last photo to see if cutting out the background helped with the picture...not too sure.

 So up next is a rather serious Painting spree - over 300 Saracens and 250 Crusaders to paint

They are all bought and 50% are based, primed and have some paint on them already.

More on this in the next post.

Until next time...

Which will be later this week when I publish the latest Muskets and Tomahawks Battle


  1. Wow! What a triumph Eric, a superb build.

  2. Fantastic stuff indeed - very inspiring!

  3. That's a pretty serious pile of Saracens and Crusaders to paint.

    The desert table looks great. Excellent work putting it all together.

  4. That is looking great. I've got a lot of inspirations from the posts on this little project, and have bought some tourist bric-a-brac to serve as statues. Thanks!

  5. EPIC looking board. So much to look and see. It would be a delight to play on this board!

  6. Last time it my comment did not publish. I just had to say well done and I hope you have space to do other tables too!

  7. Classic! I'd love to see some pulp action on that!

  8. Inspirational stuff Eric. Quite breathtaking...

  9. That's come together really well and looks wonderful Mr Shed! I think the final edited picture is a good idea and enhances the table layout for the viewer!

  10. Looks great and tons of potential scenarios. Pulp. Rommel reaches the Pyramids. Crusaders and Saracens. Napoleon in Egypt.

  11. WOW simply amazing, really inspiring!

  12. Very nice table. Using souvenirs is a really great idea.