Sunday, 2 November 2014

Rocky Escarpments & Pyramid Finished!!

So with a new month I headed down to the shed for some serious painting. Up to now I had painted all the rock pieces, the temple, the pyramid and the board that dirty old brown colour. Today was the day when I would get these painted.

Part 4 of this project can be found here

If you want to start from the beginning head here

Sadly I took few photos of the pre stage but to give you a feel for the work involved I firstly dry-brushed every piece with a yellow ochre, on top of this was a dry brush of off white.

The following two pictures give the stages done on the pyramids

I also fixed the temple entrances into the cliff faces. The first you can see in the pictures below. The second and larger of the two has more work to be done.

And finally I finished !

So lets get it all laid out. Before you scan the following pictures Ill point out that I still need to add the scrub and dry grass and paint up all the egyptian paraphernalia. But I am getting there.

When I set out to start this project my ambition was to build an arid landscape that could satisfy a number of genres - ancient Egypt, Indiana Jones, and the Crusades to name a few.

To date there are over 6 metres of rock faces, 6 small mesas, and 9 50x50cm square boards. They are all interchangeable.

 I think I am getting there. Palm trees and oasis next.

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  1. This is staggeringly good sir!

  2. Excellent! Very evocative and useful for just about all recorded History

  3. Going well, Mr Shed! I have to say I do like the temple and the escarpments, the pyramid, well...

  4. Fantastic! I can't believe how fast you have pulled it all together too!

  5. Absolutly wonderful, love this table, RĂ¢ can be happy!

  6. I also have that pyramid model. Very nice work. Did you close up the open side of the pyramid? It is possible if you get parts off ebay.

  7. Lord Caernavon and his trowel will be visiting soon ... :-)

  8. Spme stunning work you didi there. Well done.

  9. That truly is a stunning setup. You've given me some ideas, if you don't mind if I rob your tombs. I already have a tiny mine for my own board, but I could ALWAYS use more hills, caves, tombs, and secret locations. Fabulous.