Saturday, 15 November 2014

A Forest for Under Forty Quid

Hi Folks

Do you want to save yourself money and build great forests?

Ok quick question - how much does this cost?

its about $35 or shall we say £25 for five trees, a base and some scatter. Not particularly good value in my honest opinion. What would say if I told you that the following could be bought and made for less than forty pounds.

Yes that's right 16 bases of trees with approximately 35 trees all for forty quid...

I have spread them out in this picture to give you a sense of the area covered.

Still looks like a dense wood to me..

Ok - interested - where do we start.

Well firstly the trees need to be sourced off ebay. I have discovered this wonderful seller called ethersell see link below

These guys sell a great deal of stuff so you might need to hunt down your product. You can find their trees in Collectables, Model Railways.

Now you are looking for the deciduous trees that stand over 12cm tall that have plastic armatures. There is another type made from twisted wire and these are a real pain.

The following pictures illustrate what you are looking for

These trees typically come in packs of five for around £3.99 - postage is more often than not free.,

So decide what you want - order and pay. Sit back and big order took 6 weeks to arrive.

The big day has arrived the parcel is here.

The following build was all achieved in three hours so again this project is both kind on your wallet and easy on time.

Step 1.

Cut out your bases from hardboard (cheap offcuts - no cost), sand edges and then cover in sand using pva.

Step 2

Paint bases dark brown and then dry brush light brown

No I am not making biscuits !

Step 3

Once dry scatter and static grass added - cost £2.99 for bags off ebay

really exciting photo...

Step 4

Turn over base board and using drill heads to match thickness of tree trunks make holes

Step 5

Push through tree trunks (must be tight) and hot glue into place

Step 6

Clip off protruding ends once dry

And that is it...a fabulous deciduous forest for less than £40 - Bargain


  1. The plastic tree trunks remind me of the Woodlands Scenics tree packs I used to use before switching to the Last Valley products. Nice and easy project though for those so inclined.

  2. Hmm those biscuits look good!

  3. I've been eyeing these up but thought the colours were a tad garish. Still the price is good

  4. Very nice idea and thanks for sharing there. The green is a little bright in my opinion but there do look good

  5. Thanks for the links - the price is definitely right!

  6. Great little project balancing budget and effect - nice one!
    As a first time resident this year, I've been stunned by the foliage in New England over Autumn ("Fall") and am going to have to build myself a themed forrest - this is just what I needed to give me some pep. Thanks!