Monday, 20 March 2017

Retreat to Fort William - A Musket & Tomahawks scenario

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Believe it or not its been over a year since the Shed had seen any action from the French Indian Wars so on Monday night I decided to put things right.

The plan was for four players to take part in the game but sadly Legatus had to talk to Peru (business) and Mark had hurt his leg so he was unable to get over that evening. I did contemplate cancelling the event but my final player, Stephen, hadn't been to the shed for such a long time and he was really keen to get to grips with the ruleset.

In hindsight I am really please we pushed ahead - it was a great game, a close run thing full of cinematic adventure. Indeed there is much to be said for playing 1 vs 1. Its perhaps more relaxed, game play is swift and of course all of those tactical decisions rest on one pair of shoulders.

On with the game...

This was going to be a retreat game for the British and their Allies. Settlers had decided to establish a settlement deep in French held territory which of upset the rightful owners. A large force of French regulars, Canadian Militia and the Indian Allies were intent on driving the Settlers from their farms.

The table was laid out in three zones - at the back end stood the strong walls of Fort William, sitting on the banks of ther Tomahawk river. Units that managed to retreat across the river (the border) were deemed to be safe.

Beyond the fort lay the small trading post of Rays Landing - access to this could be achieved by the simple road running to the fort or by a small tributary of the Tomahawk river. George Springs was ably defended with a blockhouse.

Finally beyond Rays Landing lay the settlement of George Springs. The British forces in the area were scattered across these three zones. I'd decided to incorporate boat movement into the game (it was a big table) and so there were plenty of waterways that could aid movement. Canoes in M&T can move twice as fast as a walking unit.

The British objective was simple - for every combat unit that retreats to fort William scores three points (a unit could be damaged) in addition there were 10 settlers on the table - each of these retreating to the Fort scored one bonus point.

The French scored 3 points for every unit destroyed and for each settler captured (ie close combat they scored 1 point)

British Forces

at Fort William

1 unit Line Infantry (10 men) plus Colonel
2 units of rangers (6 men each) with canoes on bank outside fort plus officer

between the Fort and Rays Landing were another Ranger unit (6 men) camping in the woods

at Rays Landing

1 unit line infantry (8 men)
1 unit of colonial militia (6 men)
4 civilians (  no combat ability - move on militia card)

at George Springs

2 units of colonial militia (6 men each)
2 units of native allies (6 men)
1 unit of mohicans (4 men - elite, take 2 wounds to kill)
6 civilians (  no combat ability - move on militia card)

This gave the British 11 units to play with...once they lost 6 units the Morale card would come into play

The French Units

3 units of French Line (each 10 strong) plus officer
3 units of Canadians (6 men each) plus officer
6 units of Indians (with canoes) plus Officer

The Indians could start with hidden movement

The French forces would all arrive together outside George Springs - The Indians had the option of arriving in Canoes

Not only did the French outnumber the British their forces were significantly more powerful and were concentrated in one place.

Given the slow pace of the civilians, I, as the British player had to trade off their defence with the extraction of my own troops. This was going to be difficult.

Just a quick note - the civilians would move on the Miltia cards drawn from the deck - this would give them 18" of movement per turn (a full turn of the cards is one turn) - the distance from George Springs to the fort is a very long way.

So how did it play...

The British managed to evacuate the Civilians and won by two points - it was a close run thing
Apologies no AAR as things are very busy...

but enjoy the following photos...

Once again apologies for the lack of an AAR


  1. Beautifully done! My group has decided that we will schedule games and so long as one person can show we will forge ahead. In fact ... we play so many group games that once in a while a 1 vs 1 game is a nice change of pace.

  2. Great looking game....we play our M&T on a 4x4 table 😀

  3. Fine looking game on the grand scale!