Thursday, 30 March 2017

Jason & the Argonauts part 7

Just a brief post this afternoon - I haven't forgotten this project promise !

part 6 can be found here

Indeed I promised myself that this weekend I would get round to finishing the plinths for the valley of the Gods. The other news is that the rules are coming along nicely and my heroic greek rules (aka Jason and the Argonauts are going to be tested soon.

Just a couple of figures to show - some giant scorpions from Reaper - great figures and good value for money

Indded i was so pleased with these I had to set up some scenes...and try out a couple of new camera settings

still trying to sort out the camera focus....

oh well more soon


  1. Those scorpions look suitably terrifying!

  2. Just brilliant! Can't wait to see more of this fantastic project :)

  3. Ha there so pets wouldn't harm a fly.

  4. Really enjoy reading about your Jason and the Argonauts project- like what you are doing with the figures and props. Look forward to future developments. Best Wishes. KEV.