Wednesday, 8 March 2017

More Troops for Pike & Shotte

Hi Folks

Since Christmas I have had a number of things on the go on my painting table (kitchen table actually) and I have finally finished off the units I needed for my Pike & Shotte Armies

If you are interested in heading back to the beginning of this journey which I started last year head here.

First up are two units of Storming Parties - I elected to mount these on CD's given the Pike & Shotte rules don't actually call for removal of figures. The figures are predominantly Warlords with a couple of others mixed in...

Next up is a sniper unit - particularly useful to harass enemy commanders

Up next are three rabble rousers - we have been thinking about using these to 'boost' morale to certain troops. These figures are all Redoubt

Now of course the rabble rousers could command the two uinits of clubmen assembled - these are a mix of Warlord & Redoubt. The Redoubt figures are slightly larger but actually I think the height variations look good in these motley units...

With the clubmen came a few extra civilians - perfect for many periods

Now you can never have too many cavalry units and I was alkways keen to paint up the Warlord Games Harquebusier regiment. Mark and I have been using regiments six figures strong (they have smaller footprints than 12) so these 12 riders were given red jackets and green jackets

Finally a chance purchase on ebay of some plastic pikemen and a few odds and ends left over from the last build enabled me to field a large pike block of 24 men (most of mine are 16)

So thats it (for the moment) on my Pike & Shotte forces - I recently bought the Pikemens Lament so we might give these rules a pop in the coming days

Coming up soon a big Muskets & Tomahawks battle

see you soon



  1. Nice selection of additions to your collection. I like the sniper

  2. No Renaissance army is complete without a buxom milk maid..

  3. Wonderful figures, love the pikes , rabble rousers, peasants, very impressive!

  4. Nice work there! I especially like the rabble rousers.

  5. Looking great! Battlefield extras are essential. You've made awesome progress on this project.

  6. Some great additions Eric. I particularly like the flags on your clubmen.