Monday, 27 October 2014

Poppies, Popguns and Publications

Hi Folks

Its all been a bit quiet in the Shed over the last few weeks...I decided to have a break from all things Wargaming (bar a couple of Warmaster games) and do some other stuff.

Two weekends ago  I took Shedson down to Eversley Gun Man for his first air soft battle and he had a great time running around the woods with his mp5.

I on the other hand am not as fit so a steady stalk was more to my liking.

Eric (Me) & Shedson

Last weekend I took the family up to see the poppies planted around the tower of London. The setting is fantastic but whoa the crowds were gigantic. I understand the ceramic poppies will all be there til the middle of November so if you are in London and haven't seen this display do so. Its both beautiful and thought provoking.

The colour was fantastic !

The cascade

The planters

The queues were all round the tower

On the way back I purchased a copy of Miniature Wargames to read on the train. Whilst reading an article by Jonathan Jones called 'Lets fight Oporto' I see my blog is mentioned...he writes...

The final stage was to make the river. The idea, amongst others, came from a great blog, hosted by Eric the Shed (link) where I first saw the use of floor tiles to model large expanses of water....

Who would have thought reference to my blog would get published in a magazine?

So once again apologies for no further progress on the Cliffs & Desert scape but I promise that ill be cracking on with this soon.

Until next time


  1. That's awesome! No kidding about those crowds!!

  2. Shedson! Trigger control! Safety on I see, but still, finger out of trigger guard when not aiming at target!
    Mr Shed, thanks for the poppy pictures. I can't make it to London this year, sadly, Would have loved to see this in person.