Tuesday, 14 October 2014

BLAM 2014 - The Photo Album (100+ Pictures)


For the past nine months I have had the pleasure of organising BLAM…British Lead Adventurer Meet. Each year a group of like-minded wargamers who frequent the Lead Adventure Forum descend on a particular location for three days of games, topical discussion and of course… beer.

For the past two years the event had been run very successfully by Matakishi but he decided that he wanted to pass on the baton.

Although not an exclusive event we do restrict attendance to those who post regularly on the forums, share advice and tips and of course share a passion in the hobby. The simple caveat for the games on show has to be that they look great (no plain green cloths), the minis are all painted and that the rules are playable, fast moving and above all fun.

Fun is the name of the game and this year was no exception. Plenty of beers were sunk, great tales regaled and imaginative ideas shared.

Knowing that the combination of good transport links, a nearby Travelodge and a function room in a hostelry were all priorities I volunteered my local boozer the Berrylands Pub. With this came the responsibility of coordinating the event. My proposal was readily accepted by the BLAM committee.

Coordinating the venue, transport and accommodation proved very straightforward  and on Friday 10th October the attendees began to appear. Cars and rucksacks all laden with wargaming madness. Many of the projects we had all been watching develop on the forums steadily took shape on the tables in the pub’s backroom.

Guests travelled from afar and included travellers from Eire, Scotland, Denmark, Germany and Sweden. Once issued with their exclusive BLAM T shirt – complete with named back, we were ready to rock and dice roll.

Over three days the event spawned games from the Past to the Future on beautiful and stunning scenic displays. The following montage of photos do not do justice to the quality of games and the dedication put in by the game hosts. Each set of photos has been prefixed with the day of play, their title and of course the games host and designer.

It would appear from the feedback received that this has proved a most popular venue and such the location will most likely be used again next year subject to the room being available. So before I leave you with over 100 pictures of eye candy…roll on 2015 !

The Games Room
Friday Game - Tex Mex versus Royal Navy by Captain Blood & Mamalute

Friday Game - Arabian Adventure by Dewbabuk


Friday Game - Pirates by Hu Rhu

Friday Game - The Angels have Landed (VBCW) - Eric the Shed



Friday Game - Rebel Run/Star Wars by Damas

Sorry Damas only one picture...

Saturday Game - Anarchy Offline by Matakishi 

More of this taken sunday...

Saturday Game - The British are coming - by the Mac Brothers 


Saturday - Pulp Victorian Style by Elk 101

Saturday Game - Upsheet Creek by Mason


Sunday Game - Predators by Eric the Shed

Sunday Game - Anarchy Offline by Matakishi


Sunday Game - Dorset Smugglers by jimbibbly, Dr D'eath & Malamute

Sunday Game - Winter Wreaks Wild  - by Silent Invader

Congratulations and thank you to all those that made this a great weekend

Until next year....


  1. amazing photos , amazing games ... this is the future of wargames shows methinks :-)

  2. Wow, exceptional looking games, you're all lucky to get such a great few days' gaming

  3. Looks like a fantastic weekend!!

  4. Fantastic stuff! Some exceptional looking scenery too! Shame it coincided with a report I had to write! Grr!

  5. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. So much eye candy. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wonderful pictures!
    I am living far away from your cool BLAM... poor me.

  7. Excellent!! What a great collection of games and gamers - SO envious!!


  8. Great looking games, plus beer what's not to like, only one problem I completely missed this and I only live a mile and a half away,

  9. Fantastic post. The dorset smugglers setup is breathtaking. Loving them all tbh.

  10. Wow! That Dorset Smuggler's board looks awesome! Would have been great to have been able to play ANY game on that.


  11. Thanks for sharing all of those photos. Beautiful stuff.

    Great work folks.

  12. Congratulations on organising what was clearly a great event!
    The pics of such wonderful terrain and diverse genres evidences the hard work of all involved.
    These thing don't just happen and its easy to take all the behind the scenes effort for granted.

    People like you keep our hobby alive, vibrant and viable.
    thank you

  13. Stunning! Well done to you for organizing it all, and to the game hosts for putting on such a great display of terrain and figures!

  14. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing (love the cliff and the Arabian tables especially)...

  15. Great pictures, it looks like an amazing time of gaming. Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing!