Saturday, 9 August 2014

Egyptian Adventures - The Temple Build part 2

What with Sunnying myself in Portugal for the last week and a short break to Spain in the offing I had a couple of days back at home to crack on with the garden AND more importantly some time to crack on with the terrain building.

A few weeks back I started my Temple project but then got waylaid with other things. This afternoon I returned to the project.

If you want to read part 1 head here...

To begin with the whole temple needed cladding in 2mm blue foam...expensive at £5 per sheet

the temple costs around £12 but the results are worth it.

Then the walls etc needed filling. With no filler to hand I ended up using adhesive - the hard as nails type stuff. Works really well if a little messy.

These two jobs took at least 4 hours to complete...but with some good coffee and a bit of music the afternoon ebbed away.

Next up the task of embossing the stone work. I used a rough guide of 1.5cm x 3m long blocks.

The Egyptian bottle opener was for inspiration - the beer for perseverance!

I decided that I wanted some pictures on the front of the temple...sadly my rather crude drawings are slightly comical so these will need to be redone - I'll stick a new panel of foam over the poor pictures.

Next up a coat of white acrylic to prime the bits...when I get back from sp[ain this will get the sand stone treatment

Believe me when I say that the embossing of the blockwork took ages...

As if by magic, actually some rather nifty purchases from ebay turned up this morning and these work really well with the temple

These new statues cover my rather poor drawings well !
The two statues in front cost around £5 each - the bookend inside the temple had already been sourced earlier

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To give a sense of scale a rather curious 28mm archaeologist surveys the entrance...

This rather nice sphinx was picked up on ebay for 99p plus postage

And finally I received the parcel from Scotia Grendel - see link below

These temple and tomb entrances are not cheap but certainly look the business

and by luck the last piece fits inside the temple entrance like a glove

Next up the base and the ground work...

Until next time

Part 3 can now be found here
Part 3


  1. This is superb work mate. Can't wait for the next installment!

  2. Lovely , inspirational stuff.

  3. This is really cool! Great work!

  4. You are very talentuous and this post!

  5. Brilliant. I wish I had the knack to make things like this!

  6. Outstanding - looking forward to seeing it all based and finished.

  7. Eric - we love you to do something like this for Wargame Bloggers Quarterly .. if you would like to help and contribute please contact me at


    1. Hi Dave
      I would be delighted to contribute
      Once I get back from Spain I will drop you a line

  8. Great. If only I had somewhere to store something like this. Looking forward to the next instalment.

  9. Wonderful stuff! Thanks for the link to Scotia Grendel too - been looking for something like this for ages!

  10. I have the Scotia Grendel Egyptian scenic stuff, I've been meaning to do something with it for a while. This may be the inspiration I needed...

  11. Very nice work. I'm curious to see what the limestone treatment is.